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Most Popular Articles in 2005


As of 05-30-2005


The following list shows the site favorites for the year 2005. The number in parentheses indicates the total viewings.


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  1. Euthanasia - Four Arguments Against It:  Euthanasia, or mercy-killing, is now common.  But, is it right?  This outline argues against it. (8154)

  2. Child Discipline: Proper Use of Spanking: Eight modern misconceptions about spanking corrected from the scriptures with much practical advice for parents. (4611)

  3. Bible Origin of Islam Ever wonder why Bin Laden wants to pick a fight with America? Let's see what the Bible has to say on the issue. (3689)

  4. Bible Reading Plan for Beginners:  Have you tried to read you Bible through but got bogged down?  Here is a plan for beginners.  Perhaps this is where you should start. (3590)

  5. Bible Knowledge Quiz:  Test your knowledge with a general Bible knowledge quiz.  This quiz grades itself and automatically gives you a score. (2586)

  6. Are Baptists Historically Calvinist?  I know what you have been told.  But who told you?  And were they right?  Read this for the historical facts. (2384)

  7. Kings of Israel - Outline of the kings of the northern kingdom of Israel. (2260)

  8. Giving the Tithe and Offering - The problems, proportion and promise of giving.  Another discipleship lesson from Donnie Melton. (2226)

  9. Apochrypha:  What is the apocrypha and why was is contained in the 1611 King James Bible?  Is the Apochrypha considered part of the Holy Bible? (2199)

  10. So You Want to Lose Your Salvation - What would actually have to happen for you to lose your salvation?  This article explains. (2086)

  11. 10101 - Genesis 1:1-19 - The first four days of creation (2082)

  12. Debt Free the Bible Way:  If you are continually strapped financially and are sick and tired of it, God has help for you. Here are some practical Bible precepts of financial management. (1889)

  13. Seven Natural Divisions of the Bible:  How many verses are really in the Bible?  What are the middle verses?  When did our Bible get divided into verses?  This and much more in this article. (1889)

  14. Gifts of the Spirit:  Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Rod Parsley and many others from TBN practice healing and speaking in tongues along with other things.  Is this scriptural? (1831)

  15. Kings of Judah - Outline of the kings of the kingdom of Judah (1753)

  16. Bible Reading Plan 222: Here is a plan for reading the Bible through in 222 days. It mixes Old and New Testament readings and it is easy to do. (1702)

  17. Scripture Memorization for Kids:  Help your children memorize Bible verses.  Each verse contains a word that coincides with a letter of the alphabet. (1622)

  18. Law of Moses - From Divisions of Bible History (1591)

  19. Portion #0185 - Numbers 6:1-27: Vow of the Nazarite (1521)

  20. Assurance of Salvation: Can I Lose My Salvation?  Another discipleship lesson from Donnie Melton. (1505)

  21. Gap or Not? Is there a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?  Read this article and see what you think. (1490)

  22. Deuteronomy 34:1-12 - Death of Moses: Moses died one of the strangest deaths ever recorded.  This lesson also has a general introduction to Deuteronomy. (1442)

  23. Jesus and Wine:  I'm sure you have heard the old excuse "well Jesus drank wine, so why can't I?", but have you ever taken the time to see if that is true or not according to the scriptures? (1365)

  24. Bible Quiz on Genesis 1:1-23 - This Bible quiz is not for the faint of heart but it is a great way to learn.  Are you willing to try it? (1287)

  25. Speaking in Tongues: Are tongues for today? Deals with the sign gifts of Mark 16 (snake handling, drinking deadly poison) and 1Corinthians 14. (1260)

  26. Bible Translation - King James Bible Translation:  Notes on the actual translation of the King James Bible in 1611: Hampton Court Conference, the work itself and the results. (1204)

  27. Bible Preservation - Early Corruption of the Pure Text: Notes on corruptions before the completion of the New Testament; Origen's Hexapla; Constantines's Bible; Vaticannus; Sinaiticus; Jerome's Latin Vulgate (1184)

  28. A Bottle Full of Tears - Ladies, do you keep a journal of all the times you have cried?  For some of us, that might fill a library of books. (1163)

  29. Biblical Value of Pi:  Did Solomon know the value of pi when he gave the instructions for the molten sea?  Article by Eric Nafziger. (1135)

  30. Grow Through Bible Study Another discipleship lesson from Donnie Melton. (1095)

  31. Introduction to Church History: Purpose, Definition, Branches, Sources, General Outline, Important Dates and Trends in Church History--with some quotes. (1083)

  32. Husband of One Wife:  We have been going over the qualifications of a bishop and I was wondering if a divorced man can Pastor or not? (1070)

  33. Hebrews 6:4-6 - Proof of losing your salvation? What does this passage teach about salvation and the possibility of losing it? (1043)

  34. Grow Through Prayer  Another discipleship lesson from Donnie Melton. (1030)

  35. So You Want to Lose Your Salvation - What would actually have to happen for you to lose your salvation?  This article explains. (1024)

  36. Women Deacons:  Is it Biblical for a woman to hold the office of a deacon? (973)

  37. The Woman's Role in the Home:  There is so much talk in the world about the role of a woman.  See what a lady with a heart for God says on the matter. (970)

  38. Kingdom of God versus Kingdom of Heaven:  Bible believers have often discussed this issue.  Are they the same or are they different?  You may be surprised what you read. (963)

  39. 04/07/04 The Battle To Go Forward - Genesis 19:1-16:  What can we learn from Lot's failures?  Lot faced some of the same trials that you face.  What will you do? (962)
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