A Friend Loveth at All Times

A Friend Loveth at All Times - Proverbs 17:17


True friends are hard to find. Yet, friendship is extremely important to us. When looking for a true friend, many traits may be considered; but our passage provides one of great importance. According to our verse, “a friend loveth at all times.” This does not suggest that a true friend will never offer a rebuke, for the Bible says, “faithful are the wounds of a friend” (Proverbs 27:6). Yet, it means that a true friend will love you when you are right or wrong. They will love you when you are rich or poor. They will stick by you when all others forsake you. Sometimes their love may be tough, but they will always love you.


  • (For smaller children) You are playing with a puzzle and another child wants to help. You say, "No, it's mine!" Your teacher tells you to be kind and share. Your teacher is a true friend. He or she cares enough to show you the way the Lord would want you to play.
  • Do you have a friend that fits the description given in this devotion? Is there someone in your life that loves you unconditionally? If you are saved, the Lord is that kind of friend to you.
  • While thinking on friendship, examine the friendship that you offer to others. Are you the kind of friend that loves at all times? Do you love others enough to offer a faithful rebuke when it is needed? Are you a true friend?


  • Ask the Lord to give you some true friends in this life.
  • Ask the Lord to help you to be the kind of friend that He would want you to be.


I’ve Found a Friend


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