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A Window of Time to Serve - Acts 13:36

This life offers only a window of time to work for the Lord. Youth and old age both offer their own hindrances to service. In many ways, though not entirely, youth should be spent in learning, middle age in doing, and old age in teaching. Many of the greatest servants of the Lord found in scripture began their journey in youth by learning of the Lord and His ways (1 Kings 18:12; Psalm 71:5; 2 Chronicles 34:3; Job 29:4; Ecclesiastes 12:1). As they approached the prime of life, they put their learning to use by serving the Lord (Numbers 8:24-25). As they passed their prime, they would pass their knowledge on to the next generation in hopes the work of God would go on (2 Timothy 4:1-8).

Type: Devotional

Your Walk Shows

This is a sermon comparing an upright walk with a perverted walk.

Type: Sermon Outlines

Jonah in the Whale

Jonah tells the story of the prophet who ran from obedience to God. There are many lessons here to help us understand how God does His work through man and how He deals with His servants when they rebel against Him.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

God’s Revelation to Man

God wants all mankind to come to the knowledge of who He is and what He has done.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Lord’s Name Is Excellent

This psalm closes as it begins with the declaration: “O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!” This statement sets the theme for the entire psalm. God establishes His excellence by His working with and blessings to mankind. Much of this psalm looks back to creation and to man’s original place there.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - Christ Traps the Pharisees

This is a sermon about the timing, content, and response to the Lord's questions to the Pharisees.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - The Transfiguration

A sermon about the transfiguration of Christ

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - The Object of Faith

A sermon about salvation and faith

Type: Sermon Outlines

The New Testament Church 0006 - Lesson 4

The New Testament Church is a controversial subject, but it is an important subject. This portion of the course deals with the future of the church.

Type: University Outlines
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