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Adaption - Example of Evolution or Not?

I have just recently discovered that our jaws are getting smaller, more people are having their wisdom teeth removed due to pain and complications, and some people are born without wisdom teeth. Does it say anywhere in the bible about de-evolution or adaption microevolution)? I don't believe in evolution, but I just want some kind biblical explanation on is so-call adaption of wisdom teeth.

By the way you have phrased the question you are obviously knowledgeable about the subject. As you have mentioned, adaption within genetically defined parameters and loss of genetic information are not examples of evolution. Furthermore, literally thousands if not millions of astronomically improbable beneficial genetic changes would have to occur simultaneously to create even the slightest morphological (structural or functional) improvement. Evolution simply does not and did not occur.

Your question regarding a biblical explanation of de-evolution and adaption involves the curse of corruption (Romans 8:20-22) and intelligent design (Genesis 1). De-evolution is a result of the fall, of which I am sure you are aware. I personally believe the molecular systems in our bodies that constantly rebuild us were tuned down at the point of the fall allowing us to grow old and die in 800 to 1000 years. I also believe the environment became harsher after the flood which forced the average age to what we see today. If you are familiar with creation science material you know about canopytheory. This is where a thicker water barrier existed before the flood between earth and outer space. It came down during the flood. This could have been superconductive ice crystals supported by our magnetosphere. Increased radiation and decreased oxygen after the flood exacerbated the effects of disease and increased damage to genetic material. This readily explains de-evolution from a biblical perspective.

Adaption deals with the ability of our creator to design a machine that can adapt to different situations. We are, at our essence, the most advanced piece of machinery in the known universe. A complicated molecular machine into which God breathed an eternal soul. Amazing. Our molecular systems rebuild 3 billions cells from scratch every minute. We have an intricate and amazing integration of thousands of complicated organic systems. They do everything from allowing us to sense our environment, to enabling us to reorder it to suit our needs. There are systems within each of these systems, and systems within those systems. It is so incredible that it makes anything sci-fi has to offer pale in comparison. We certainly are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).

While we do have a verse on genetic limitations (proven empirically today) that creatures "bring forth after their kind," there is no verse that says "thou shalt adapt." This is of little concern though. Smaller jaws and loss of wisdom teeth are just the result of the most complex machine imaginable compensating for limited use of one system. In fact, if we stopped using our jaws entirely (some of my friends might not mind that) it is conceivable that they might atrophy completely in a few hundred years. As much as people like to eat and talk, I'm not holding my breath on that one.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask for further clarification if you need it.

Will Hoyt
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