Adorned in Modest Apparel

Adorned in Modest Apparel - 1 Timothy 2:9 


Many Bible words have been made subject to loose interpretations. The word modest is one of those words. Generally, this passage is used to teach that a lady’s apparel ought to be loose fitting and flowing. Though this is certainly true, that is not the primary interpretation. Something that is modest is something that is not extravagant. In fact, the Lord placed an explanation within the passage. The lady was not to adorn herself with such items as "gold, or pearls, or costly array." In other words, a person should not dress in any way that would purposely draw the attention of others (see 1 Peter 3:3-5). This includes insuring that clothes are not form fitting, but is, in reality, much broader.


  • (For smaller children)  We should not want to draw attention to ourselves through our clothing or our jewelry. As a beautiful queen, Vashti had expensive clothes and jewels, yet she refused her wicked husband's command to show off in front of his friends (Esther 1:10-12).
  • Do your clothes suggest that you are wealthy? Do they draw the attention of others? Do you wear things that suggest that you are haughty (Isaiah 3:16)?
  • Do your clothes draw the attention of those of the opposite gender? Do you wear things for the purpose of pleasing the Lord or appealing to the eyes of man?


  • Ask the Lord to give you a humility in your attire.
  • Ask the Lord to work in your heart concerning your clothes.


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