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Antioch Baptist Church Evening Bible College

Learn the Bible Web is sponsored by Antioch Baptist Church of Knoxville. We are a conservative King James Bible believing  Independent Baptist Church located in Knoxville Tennessee (TN).

What We Are

Scripture Baptist College teaches the Bible and trains dedicated men and women to serve God. In order to do this well, we cut out the fluff. No psychology courses; no English literature; no physical education. Every course we teach prepares the man of God (or those that help him) to serve God better.

We have courses on books of the Bible, Bible doctrines, and Bible background courses like Bible history and geography. We teach courses on the work of God as in courses on missions and the preacher and his preaching. Because of its importance as a foundation of faith and a source of teaching and preaching, we teach courses on church history and Baptist history. We also deal with subjects like the cults and world religions.

Our classes are for immediate use. Our students testify that what they heard in class or in chapel is often put to use within the week. We are not training you to serve God some day. We offer on-the-job training as you work for the Lord.

We do not need to brag about the number of our students who go on to serve the Lord after graduation. As a rule, our students are faithfully serving God before they step into our classrooms. We simply give them the meat and direction they need in order to serve God better.

We have an enthusiastic group of preachers and servants of God who are seeking to please Him. Our nightly chapel service has the feel of revival. God continually works in the lives of the students. They encourage each other through trials and struggles.

The Bible courses are taught on a level seldom possible in church settings. We do not have a glorified Sunday School. Rather, we delve into the heart of the word and deal with the hard passages and questions. Our teachers are accessible to the students. Even if they cannot deal with a question during class, they will gladly talk to students either before or after class.

We operate as an evening school so students can work their full-time jobs and still come to school. We are stable. The college actually had its original founding in 1977.

Nightly Schedule

One of the advantages of the classroom schedule at Scripture Baptist College is that the class time for one particular class is not spread out at different times through the week. A two-hour class will have its two hours of teaching back-to-back. This way those who are only able to go to classes one night a week can still take two different two-hour courses. This schedule also helps both teachers and students to keep their minds on the subject being studied. Each night of class will have the following schedule:

The chapel time may be used for preaching, special training, visiting speakers, meetings or fellowship. If you only take one course in the evening, you are still expected to attend the chapel time.

Scripture Baptist College Advantage

Scripture Baptist College has averaged from ten to twenty students since its inception. It does not offer large facilities, on-campus housing or fancy activities. In fact, we recognize that it is not for everyone. Yet, those who come are excited about the college and what it offers them.  Why would you want to consider coming to Scripture Baptist College? Here are some of the advantages of attending Scripture Baptist College.  The Lord may have a special place at Scripture for you.

  • Evening Classes
  • Wednesday Night & Weekends Free
  • One Night For One Class
  • Emphasis on Bible and Practice
  • Ministry Credit
  • Excellent Teaching
  • Small Classes
  • Controlled Homework
  • Lifetime Friendships
  • Ministry Opportunities
  • Degreed Programs
  • Preaching Opportunities
  • Personal Interest
  • Total Faith in the Book
Daily Proverb

Proverbs 17:11

An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.