Results for Redemption

What Kind of Ground Are You?

Have you allowed the seed to take root in your heart? Have you trusted in Jesus Christ (who died for your sins on the cross and arose from the dead to give you eternal life) as your personal Saviour? If so, are you bearing fruit for Him?

Type: Devotional

Bitter Herbs

Are your trials like the bitter herbs eaten by the children of Israel? How can scripture help you with these bitter herbs?

Type: Devotional

Under the Sun Theology

The best the world has to offer can only be perfected in the precepts of God

Type: Devotional

They Did Not Drive Them Out

What dangers do we face when we do not fully obey the word of God? Could it be that disobeyed commands today will bring trials and troubles tomorrow?

Type: Devotional

I Sought Him Whom My Soul Loveth

How is your love relationship with the Saviour? Does your heart ache when that fellowship is hindered? Do you seek and seek until you find him again?

Type: Devotional

The Higher Purpose of Our Warfare

In what ways does God work in our lives to make us what we ought to be? What are some examples in your life where God used gentleness with you when He could have been much harsher?

Type: Devotional

Sins of Ignorance and Presumptuous Sins

Do you sin because of ignorance to God's law or do you find yourself knowingly transgressing the law of God?

Type: Devotional

Praise and Worship God

Do you praise the Lord in your time of prayer? Do you praise Him in your daily walk of life?

Type: Devotional

A Miracle of Fire

What is the condition of your personal altar? Is it in good repair or do you need to work on it? God may not send fire from heaven, but God is ready to do great things in your life if you give yourself to Him.

Type: Devotional

God is the Promise Keeper

If God would break His promises to Israel, He might break other promises. But He never does. What other promises can we rest assured that He will keep?

Type: Devotional
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Proverbs 19:15

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