Carbon Dating

I am doing research for a paper I am writing for Sociology. It's the Evolution and Creation discussion. Do you know of any good websites, books, magazines or anything that could help my case out for Creation? Or Carbon dating I know that's a big topic.

Please see our "Creation Science" section on this website.

This is a very comprehensive list of the premiere sources for creation science information. I also make purchase recommendations for the most impactful videos and books available from these sources there. You can find information on carbon dating from most of these sources. The gist of this issue of dating is that a number of assumptions have to be made to get a date, many of which can be dramatically wrong. When most people refer to Carbon dating they really mean radiometric dating in general. Carbon dating is only one of about 15 radiometric dating methods, and the shortest in terms of time interval. Carbon 14 decays to Carbon 12 with an "average" half life of 5730 years. The amount can only be halved so many times before it is no longer measurable. This limits carbon dating to about 45,000 years. But like I said, many assumptions have to be made for it to work. Assumptions like: how much was there to begin with, no parent carbon 14 or daughter carbon 12 leaked in or out, and the decay rate has been constant. The first two are wild guesses, and even the third can be challenged. Such is the case with the other methods that yield the long time chronologies frequently published in the popular press. But with the longer chronologies the problems are compound by many orders of magnitude. It's all a bunch of bunk from my perspective. If you follow the sources I gave you, you will have enough information to keep you busy for while on this interesting topic.

Will Hoyt
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