Confessing Your Faults

Confessing Your Faults - James 5:16


A great deal of the controversy over confession can be resolved by careful study of our text. We have already seen that confession of sins is to be made only to God. Yet, in our passage, we find that we are to confess our faults one to another. So what is the difference? A fault is not a sin; rather, it is an area of weakness that could lead to sin. It is of no profit to confess sins to our brothers and sisters in Christ, but it is of great benefit to confess that we covet their prayers in an area of weakness. Perhaps they can lend support in other areas as well, but their prayers avail much. Oftentimes, this passage is used to speak of healing of the body; but the context is the healing of an area of weakness.


  • (For smaller children) Confessing your faults means you ask friends to pray that you won't sin. But you don't give them any details as in the lesson before. Using that problem as an example, you might say to your friend, "Pray for me that I would be happy with my own toys and that I would always tell the truth."
  • Do you have a "fault"? Do you have a brother or sister in Christ from whom you can seek prayer for strength in this area? What are some other ways he or she can support you in this area?
  • Think of some things that might help you understand the difference between a sin and a fault. How can people help you with a fault, while they cannot help you with a sin?


  • Ask God to give you some caring believers who will pray for you.
  • Ask God to help you see the difference between a sin and a fault.


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