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Creation - Evolution Seminars

I have put together a series of seminars to address the important topic of creation and evolution in a manner that will both inform and intrigue you. God has clearly declared His glory through the majesty of His creation. A belief that everything just happened naturally could not be farther from the truth, and the scientific evidence demonstrates this.

Seminar 1 – Creation/Evolution Overview

In my first seminar I will provide an overview of the salient issues in the creation/evolution controversy. From the problems with the big bang to the efficacy of mutagenesis, the problems for naturalistic theories are large and widespread, and in the final analysis require more faith than science to believe them.

Seminar 2 – Big Bang Theory

The topic for this seminar will be on the origin of the cosmos. I will provide a critical analysis of the big bang theory and its insufficiency to explain the immense and majestic universe we live in. From forces that are finely tuned to within a billion trillionth of a degree, to the vast superstructure of the cosmos that requires ephemeral concepts like dark matter to explain, you will be sure to be engaged by this fascinating subject.

Seminar 3 – The Biochemical Challenge

This presentation will address the biochemical challenge to the origin of life. I focus will be on the towering complexity at the cell level and the complete lack of even a hypothesis to explain how inert chemicals could become the information rich submicroscopic cell factories we see today. Intelligent design, as evidenced by irreducibly complex self replicating living molecular machine systems, is not a religious bias, but a valid scientific determination developed by following the evidence right where it leads.

Seminar 4 – Mutagenesis and Evolution

In my closing seminar I will cover the topic of mutagenesis and its inability to produce the plethora of living creatures that inhabit the earth. Empirical findings with bacteria, flies, dogs and horses have shown that the morphological change needed to create fundamentally different living organisms cannot be accomplished by evolutionary mechanisms.

Please contact me for a power packed seminar on the hot topic of origins, the creation/evolution controversy.

Will Hoyt

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