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Creation Science Resources

Can you recommend any good material to help me learn about Creation Science? Is there any one in my area teaching Creation Science

I can point you to excellent sources of information that I use myself. I also have good news. There is a creation science resource in South Africa. Dr. Johan Kruger is a creationist zoologist with Answers in Genesis with a creation ministry in South Africa. Here is the link to his speaking itinerary: (

The following is some information on the different sources for creation science materials. I also took the liberty to recommend purchases of materials I believe to be the best out there.

Dr. Kent Hovind is one the most popular and beloved creation science evangelists out there. He is the minister who reached me some 8 years ago. Science and technology is a passionate interest of mine and has been since about age 11 or 12. I was saved at age 23. At that point old things passed away, behold, all things became new. At age 30 I got a set of Hovind's tapes and it changed my life again. Through his ministry I found my calling. I am currently serving the Lord in the very important ministry of creation science. Dr. Hovind's seminar series is a must see for those just getting started addressing this issue. He has an extensive book store which includes what many consider to be the best book ever written on the creation-evolution controversy called "Tornado in a Junkyard." 

Purchase Recommendations:

  1. Dr. Hovind's "Creation Science Seminar" video series
  2. James Perloff's "Tornado in a Junkyard" book Answers in Genesis is headed up by Dr. Carl Wieland, a retired medical doctor, and they have a ministerial presence in many parts of the world (including South Africa). This organization is comprised of dozens of Ph.D. scientists and they have the most comprehensive collection of videos and books out there. They have taken a stand for a literal 6 day creation and young age for the creation. Just about every scientific and creation related topic is covered in there materials. Spend some time with this source and you will learn pretty much everything you need to know to counter evolution. Check out their immense DVD video collection. 

ICR stands for the Institute for Creation Research. This is an organization of dozens of Ph.D. scientists that do creation oriented research, and refute evolution with science. It is headed by Dr. John Morris, a Ph.D. Geologist. ICR have also taken a stand for a literal 6 day creation and young age for the creation. Some of the best materials for the medium to advanced creation science oriented people can be found here.

ARN stands for the Access Resource Network. This organization is comprised of Ph.D. scientists focused on getting the theory of intelligent design into the public school classroom. Their videos are some of the best out there. In fact, the top two video I will recommend to you are from this source. They do not get involved in the old earth, young earth controversy because they believe it makes the battle between Christians and not with the evolution establishment. They do not condemn this discussion, just wish to focus on combating the viewpoint discrimination and evolutionary indoctrination that occurs in the classroom.

Purchase Recommendation:

  1. "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" video
  2. "Icons of Evolution" video

Trueorigin is a very technical site dedicated to refuting the deceptive logic of evolutionists that try to trick uninitiated laypersons into believing there is evidence for evolution. It is a thorough, yet extremely technical site intended for those with an apologetics ministry in creation science, or a very advanced understanding of the issues involved with confronting fundamentalist atheistic evolutionists.

Evolution facts has one of the best books for refuting evolution. It is more for the advanced individual though. They have a three volume work chock full of scientific facts that refute evolution. They also offer a condensed version (1000 page paperback) that is great for college students called the "Evolution Cruncher." I have a nephew that used this book to counter every argument made by the Ph.D. evolutionists at his university. The empowerment he received from this was beyond measure. Excellent book.

This should be enough information for you to make an informed decision on how to pursue learning more about creation science. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me again.

Will Hoyt
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