Islam in England

Comments From a Citizen of England

Dear brother Reagan,

I have today read with interest your news article on your web site regarding the rise of Islam here in England. It certainly is true that whilst church buildings are closing at an alarming rate, mosques and temples are increasing at the same alarming rate. Many church buildings that were once used to the glory of God are now used as mosques. Here in Birmingham I can say that the mosques and temples are now some of the most amazing buildings in the city, and they dominate the skyline where they are.

Islam is at such a stage here that I believe it will take over this nation very shortly, and the 'church' is doing absolutely nothing about it. I was only recently preaching on the streets here in Birmingham when I suddenly found myself surrounded by a group of about 15-20 Muslim teenagers. Despite their attempts at intimidation, I thank God that I was able to preach the Gospel to them and some of them even took a tract. The sight of Bible believers preaching on the streets of our city nowadays is almost none existent. 

There was a documentary on the television not too many years ago where the leader of one of the main Islamic mosques in London was interviewed. He is a very aggressive outspoken Muslim and has been quite high profile over here since September 11. He stated on this program that it was his desire to see the flag of Islam flying over Downing Street (The Prime Minister's House) within 20 years. I reckon we have about 15 years left, and I can see that happening.

I have on my notice board here at home an article from a well-respected national newspaper entitled "Why (Tony) Blair always carries a copy of the Koran". Part of the article reads, "His interest in the Koran was kindled by Chelsea Clinton, the President's daughter. 'I carry a copy of the book with me whenever I can, to give me inspiration and courage' he told Muslim News in March 2000. He explained that he found the Koran clear and reflective, revealing 'the concept of love and fellowship as the guiding spirits of humanity'."  

Interestingly enough, this article is dated September 9 2001, just two days before the atrocities in America.

Following September 11, Police Officers had to patrol all of the mosques and temples in our local area to offer them protection. Churches are vandalized here every day of the week but no one has been told to specifically look after them.

If ever there was a nation on this earth that needed missionaries to preach the gospel it is this once great land called England. We need your prayers folks.

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Proverbs 21:31

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.