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Links From Learn the Bible

Welcome to the Learn the Bible Links Page!  This page will provide links to various churches, ministries, news agencies, stores, etc.. that are recommended by LTB.  Keep in mind that we would not agree with everything on any of these sites, but we feel that they are profitable to you.

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Books Section

  • ABE Books is by far my favorite book site.  Here, you can search for used books from hundreds of book shops across the world.  Go to the Search Page.  Add your author and title information.  Then click the "Lowest Price" box before you Start Search.  Compare the low prices with book condition descriptions and shipping information and make your purchase.  Occasionally, the book is already sold.  But I have yet to have a problem with receiving it in the condition described.  I also like their "Buy Now" option.
  • Amazon Books.  Okay, so I'm not too original on this one.  But, for current books on history, computers, travel, etc., I like their variety and the comments from customers.  I have never had any trouble with ordering from them.
  • Bible Believers' Bookstore:  Bible Believers Bookshop is the premier bookshop for Bible believing people.  They are currently the only online bookshop that carries Pastor Reagan's booklets.
  • Christian Book Distributors.  Large selection of new Christian books.  Deals with mainstream materials.  Usually has good discounts.  Sometimes has a great deal on their Web Specials page.
  •  The KJV Store - Promises to beat ANY price on ANY KJV Bible. They come recommended. You ought to at least look them over.
  • KJV1611.com:  KJV1611.com offers King James Bibles and Study Resources at reduced prices.  They carry material in defense of the King James Bible as well as material refuting the Passion and Harry Potter.

Bible Study Section

  • A. V. 1611 Answers - New, original, and creative material. I recommend that you check this site out.
  • Bible Believers Home Page.  Great source for articles and audio and video sermons and other items.  Check out the Links scroll-down button on the right side of the Home Page. He also operates an online Bible Believers' Bookstore and a Church Directory you may want to check out.
  • Jesus on the Web.  Has some good articles and a lot of good links.  I discount it because it is a geocities site and you have to put up with the advertisements.
  • King James Bible Believers Online.  Just getting started but has some good resources already and much potential.
  • King James Bible Page.  Very-well designed with much good information on the King James Bible issue.  I recommend this site.
  • Old Landmarks.  This site has a number of texts of old books for the perusing.  It seems to emphasize books on prayer, revival and the spiritual life.  What a need for today!
  • Swordsearcher. Although some of you may miss not having the NIV to peruse, I believe that Swordsearcher Bible Software is the best Bible program on the market--at least, the best I have seen.  Actually, I still prefer the older, simpler, version; but the older version comes with new one for throwbacks like me.  You can even download it and try it for free.
  • Way of Life Literature.  Who can argue with David Cloud's site when it comes to up-to-date volumes of material.  It is an excellent resource.  He is especially good on issues, cults and the King James Bible.  He writes more like a journalist than a bible teacher.  Try going to his Apostasy Database and checking out topics there.  He has an extensive Church Directory.
  • Laminated Bible Study Charts.  This site offers various charts that will be of help in your study of the scriptures.

Church Section

Family Section

  • Lamp Unto My Feet - New site. I really like it. It has daily devotions, Bible questions and activities that would be good for children and families. Truly a site worth discovering.

Ladies Section

Mail by Internet

Ministries Section

  • The Baptist Heritage:  A periodical dealing with various subjects concerning the scriptures and the Baptist faith.
  • Born to Serve.  A good site with a great stand on the truth.  You will want to check it out.  I hope they keep adding to the site.
  • The Flaming Torch: This is the website of the premier publication, "The Flaming Torch," edited by evangelist Don Edwards. This site allows you to read past articles from this good paper. Check it out.
  • Grady Publications:  Dr. William P. Grady has written several books and now has his material available on his website.  From what I understand they will also but putting up history articles and other items of interest for Bible Believing Christians.
  • Hope of Israel Baptist Mission.  Excellent site with articles on Jewish Evangelism, Old Testament Typology and Jewish Traditions.  Very well done.
  • Hymnology Textbook:  Extensive research on the great hymns of the faith.  A must see!  He has also written a huge book on Hymns that you ought to own.
  • I Love to Tell the Story:  Site of Evangelist Tex Woody.  Some good material here.
  • IFB Preaching:  Audio sermons from Independent Baptist preachers across the United States.  It is a new site so it will be adding new material frequently.
  • James Knox Sermons. Main thrust of this site is Brother Knox's audio sermons.  However, he has several good books available if you write for a catalog.  I just read his book on Old Testament Salvation and found myself agreeing with him on every count.  Now that's amazing!
  • Layne Ministries. Web site of Evangelist R. E. Layne. Some good articles and links.
  • Rightly Divided and McCowenMills:  Dr. Doug Stauffer has produced several books and videos dealing with the King James Bible as well as various other topics. 
  • Our Bible Heritage.  This ministry can bring a great King James Bible display to your church and give a presentation on the Bible issue that will strengthen the faith of your people.  I have met and heard Brother Lee Spencer and highly recommend him.
  • Sluice Box Adventures:  Sluice Box Adventures is an-end-of-the-age ministry ... a help in the time of need ... and is dedicated to: The defense of the King James Bible as the word of God in the English language.  The winning of souls to Jesus Christ, Who is the Son of GOD. The growth of believers in Jesus Christ. The promotion of the family as God has defined it and helping Bible-Believing Web Sites with the Sluice Box Gold Directory.

News Section

  • Christian Headline News.  This site takes you to articles of interest to Christians from the main news sources and gives links and news headlines from the major Christian news sources.  Keep up with persecution and other items around the world.
  • The New York Times.  I know what you are thinking.  How can I give these guys three stars?  The news is liberal and you have to register in order to read it.  But you just cannot beat the depth and availability of the news here.  I know what their slant is and can adjust for that.  But I also know they will have the news.

Schools Section

NOTE: We are not recommending schools.  Let the Lord lead you.

Science Section

  • Christian Geology Ministry.  The gap theory, which was bread and butter to the fundamentalist movement fifty-plus years ago, has now by popular consent been placed in the fundamental doghouse.  This site opposes the now popular young earth theory with scriptural reasoning and scientific arguments.  Needs to be looked at.  Also has a hefty Links Page.

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