Amos 0001 - Lesson 3

Chapter 1 (Continued)

The Coming Judgment (Continued)

    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 1:3)
      1. Note:  We have already learned that Amos was supposed to utter a message to the people of Israel, yet we find him almost immediately turning to the surrounding nations with a warning of the coming judgment.  Perhaps this too was a message to Israel of the fact that if God was preparing to judge the surrounding nations, then He would also be making preparations to judge His own people.
      2. For three transgressions and for four
        1. Can be read as a third transgression and then a fourth
        2. Can be read as three transgressions plus four more transgressions
      3. They have threshed Gilead with threshing instruments of iron.
        1. More than likely this is the incident found in 2 Kings 10:32-33 where Hazael smote all the land of Gilead.
        2. This event occurred because of the sins of Jehu (2 Kings 10:31).
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 1:4-5)
      1. The Lord will send fire into the house of Hazael which shall devour the palaces of Benhadad (Amos 1:4).
        1. The king of Syria dwelt at Damascus (1 Kings 15:18).
        2. Hazael was anointed king by Elijah (1 Kings 19:13-15).
        3. Elisha knew of the evil that Hazael would do to the children of Israel (2 Kings 8:9-13).
        4. A Benhadad reigned before Hazael, but this Benhadad is the son of Hazael that reigned in his stead (2 Kings 13:24).
        5. Notice the connection of the Lord sending a fire to that of the last days (Joel 2:1-3; Nahum 1:2-6; Malachi 4:1; Matthew 3:11-12; 2 Thessalonians 1:8).
      2. The Lord will break the bar of Damascus (Amos 1:5).
        1. During this time many of the cities were fortified with strong gates and walls.
        2. Some of these gates were made with brass and barred shut with iron or brass (1 Kings 4:13; Psalm 107:16; Isaiah 45:2).
        3. The Lord is saying that the defenses of Damascus will be broken, and they will be defeated.
      3. The Lord will cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven (Amos 1:5).
      4. The Lord will cut off him that holdeth the scepter from the house of Eden (Amos 1:5).
      5. The people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir (Amos 1:5).
        1. Kir was in the land of Assyria.
        2. The Lord declares that He will send Damascus into captivity to the Assyrians.
          1. In 2 Kings chapter 16, Pekah, the king of Israel, and Rezin, the king of Syria, came up against Ahaz, the king of Judah (2 Kings 16:5).
          2. Ahaz then sent messengers to Tiglathpileser, king of Assyria, to request his assistance (2 Kings 16:7-8).
          3. Tiglathpileser came and smote Damascus and took the people captive to Kir (2 Kings 16:9).
          4. That this is the offense seems to be confirmed in Isaiah 17:1-11.
        3. Consider the connection of this time with a prophecy concerning the coming of Christ (Isaiah 7:1-16).
        4. Apparently there is still some judgment to be accomplished upon Damascus, for long after Tiglathpileser came in and defeated Syria, Jeremiah declares judgment upon Damascus (Jeremiah 49:23-27).
    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 1:6)
      1. For three transgressions and for four
        1. Gaza is one of the main cities of the Philistines (Joshua 13:3).
        2. Of the five lords of the Philistines mentioned in Joshua 13:3, four of those cities are named in Amos 1:6-8.
      2. They carried away captive the whole captivity to deliver them up to Edom.
        1. It is not for certain with what event this is dealing.
        2. It has been suggested that this has to do with the Philistines making slaves of the people of God and selling them to the Edomites.
        3. It is possible that it is connected to the events of 2 Chronicles 21:16-17.
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 1:7-8)
      1. The Lord will send fire upon the wall of Gaza which shall devour the palaces thereof (Amos 1:7).
        1. Fulfilled partially by the defeat of Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:1-8)
        2. Further prophecy concerning the destruction of the Philistines is given (Jeremiah 25:17-29; Jeremiah 47:1-7; Zephaniah 2:1-7; Zechariah 9:1-6).
        3. Notice the connection to the second coming of Christ (Zechariah 9:9).
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