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The Book of Numbers 0006 - Lesson 2

Scripture Passage: 
Numbers 32:1-42

Chapter 32

Settling On this Side of Jordan

  1. THE DESIRE OF TWO TRIBES (Numbers 32:1-5)
    1. The Basis for the Desire (Numbers 32:1)
      1. Their possessions
      2. Their sight
      3. Their understanding
    2. The Approach of the Leaders (Numbers 32:2-4)
      1. The two tribes approached Moses, Eleazar and the princes (Numbers 32:2).
      2. Nine cities named (Numbers 32:3)
      3. The benefit of the land (Numbers 32:4)
    3. The Plea for the Land (Numbers 32:5)
      1. The plea for grace – “If we have found grace”
      2. The plea for allowance – “let this land be given”
      3. The plea for dismissal – “bring us not”
    1. The Concern for the War (Numbers 32:6)
      1. Shall your brethren go to war?
      2. Shall ye sit here?
    2. The Concern for Others (Numbers 32:7)
      1. Why will you discourage the heart of the people?
      2. They will not want to go into the land.
    3. The Concern from History (Numbers 32:8-13)
      1. The efforts of the spies (Numbers 32:8-10)
      2. The anger of the Lord (Numbers 32:11-13)
    4. The Concern of History Repeating Itself (Numbers 32:14-15)
      1. Taking the place of the fathers (Numbers 32:14)
      2. Turning away from Him (Numbers 32:15)
  3. THE COMPROMISE OF THE TWO TRIBES (Numbers 32:16-19)
    1. We Will Build (Numbers 32:16).
      1. Sheepfolds for the cattle
      2. Cities for our little ones
    2. We Will Go (Numbers 32:17).
      1. Armed before the children of Israel
      2. Until we have brought them unto their place
      3. Our little ones shall dwell in fenced cities because of the inhabitants of the land.
    3. We Will Not Return (Numbers 32:18).
      1. We will not return unto our houses.
      2. Until the children of Israel have inherited every man his substance
    4. We Will Not Inherit (Numbers 32:19).
      1. We will not inherit with them.
      2. Our inheritance is on this side Jordan.
  4. MOSES ACCEPTS THEIR PLAN (Numbers 32:20-24)
    1. If You Will Do This Thing (Numbers 32:20-22)
      1. Go armed before the Lord (Numbers 32:20).
      2. Until the Lord drives out his enemies (Numbers 32:21)
      3. Until the land be subdued before the Lord (Numbers 32:22)
      4. Then you shall return (Numbers 32:22).
      5. You shall be guiltless before the Lord (Numbers 32:22).
      6. You shall be guiltless before Israel (Numbers 32:22).
      7. This land shall be your possession (Numbers 32:22).
    2. If You Will Not Do So (Numbers 32:23)
      1. You have sinned against the Lord.
      2. Your sin will find you out.
    3. Do That Which Hath Proceeded Out of Your Mouth (Numbers 32:24).
  5. THE TWO TRIBES ACCEPT MOSES’ PLAN (Numbers 32:25-27)
    1. The Two Tribes Agree To Obey (Numbers 32:25).
    2. Those Who Will Stay (Numbers 32:26)
      1. Our little ones
      2. Our wives
      3. Our flocks
      4. Our cattle
    3. Those Who Will Go (Numbers 32:27)
  6. THE OFFICIAL AGREEMENT (Numbers 32:28-33)
    1. Moses Presents the Details to the Leaders (Numbers 32:28-30).
      1. Moses speaks to the leaders (Numbers 32:28).
      2. Moses presents the conditions (Numbers 32:29-30).
    2. The Two Tribes Agree to the Details (Numbers 32:31-32).
    3. The Deed to the Land (Numbers 32:33)
      1. The tribes involved
        1. The children of Gad
        2. The children of Reuben
        3. Half the tribe of Manasseh
      2. The land involved
        1. The kingdom of Sihon king of the Amorites
        2. The kingdom of Og king of Bashan
  7. THE DIVISION OF THE LAND (Numbers 32:34-42)
    1. The Children of Gad (Numbers 32:34-36)
    2. The Children of Reuben (Numbers 32:37-38)
    3. The Children of Manasseh (Numbers 32:39-42)
      1. The children of Machir (Numbers 32:39-40)
      2. The children of Jair (Numbers 32:41)
      3. The children of Nobah (Numbers 32:42)
    1. The Religious Element
      1. The use of God’s name
        1. LORD is found 18 times.
        2. Before the LORD is found 8 times.
        3. They want the land the LORD smote (Numbers 32:4).
        4. They will obey what the LORD said (Numbers 32:31).
        5. They are willing to put the well-being of others ahead of themselves (Numbers 32:16-17).
      2. The building of an altar (Joshua 22:9-34)
    2. The Betrayal of Their Motives
      1. Prayer
        1. We hear often of the Lord’s name.
        2. We do not see where prayer was offered to God.
      2. The presence of God
        1. They built an altar so that their children would not be outcasts from the rest of the children of Israel.
        2. It was not an altar for sacrifice.
        3. It was only a form of what Israel had on the other side of Jordan.
      3. Their speech (Matthew 26:73)
        1. They mentioned nothing of going to battle ahead of their brethren until Moses brought it up (Numbers 32:5-6, 17).
        2. Their separation from their brethren (Numbers 32:17-19)
        3. They were willing to pass over Jordan because of what they get (Numbers 32:32).
      4. Their split because of possessions (Genesis 13:1-13)
    3. God’s Will
      1. God’s permissive will
        1. God allowed the two-and-a-half tribes to choose the east side of Jordan.
        2. The spies that searched Canaan
          1. The spies were not God’s idea (Deuteronomy 1:19-26).
          2. God allowed the spies to search the land (Numbers 13:1-2).
      2. God’s perfect will
        1. God’s brought Israel out of Egypt.
        2. To bring them into the land of Canaan (Leviticus 25:38)
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