The New Testament Church 0005 - Lesson 3

Its Fellowship (Continued)

    1. Fellowship Is Internal (1 John 1:3).
      1. Believer to believer
        1. Within the larger body of Christ (Galatians 2:9)
        2. Within the local body (Romans 15:5-6)
      2. Believer to Christ
        1. Fellowship with the Father
        2. Fellowship with the Son
      3. Pyramid of fellowship
    2. Attacks Are Internal.
      1. If fellowship is internal, then it makes sense that fellowship can only be destroyed internally.
      2. Consider Acts 20:28-30.
      3. The first attack begins with people from the outside, but those people first have to penetrate the body of believers. Therefore, we see that both of these attacks on fellowship ultimately occur from the inside.
    3. Formula of Fellowship
      1. Begins with the new birth
      2. Continues with doctrine
      3. Works by unity in heart and service
      4. New Birth + Doctrine + Unity = Fellowship
    1. Fellowship Requires a Foundation.
      1. There must be some grounds of fellowship between two people or a body of believers.
      2. No foundation allows no fellowship.
    2. The Foundation Must Be Common.
      1. If two people have two different foundations, then no grounds of fellowship exist.
      2. For scriptural fellowship the foundation ought to be:
        1. The Lord Jesus Christ
        2. His word
    3. The Foundation Must Be Solid.
      1. It must be sound.
      2. It must be pure.
      3. It must be unchanging.
Andrew Ray

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 26:8

As he that bindeth a stone in a sling, so is he that giveth honour to a fool.