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A Better Assurance

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Claes Lecks, a native of Ostende, Belgium, was summoned to the town house, in the year 1548, on account of certain reports that were circulating about him. Having arrived there, he was examined respecting his faith, and, making a good confession, he was committed to prison. He was a man of very good reputation, on account of the many alms, which he gave to the poor. When he was examined, he renounced the papistic, Roman church, and also infant baptism, which he refuted with the Holy Scriptures. Thereupon, as he steadfastly adhered to his faith in God, he was sentenced to be strangled and burned. As he was being led out to death, the priest presented the crucifix to him to kiss it, which he refused to do. The priest also said to the people, “Pray for this deceiver; for he is going from this fire into the eternal fire.” To this he simply replied, “This is what you say, but I have a better assurance.” Thus he offered up his sacrifice as a true child of God.

Note: Taken from the book Martyrs Mirror. Content may or may not have been edited for clarity.





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