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Music Articles

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  • Church of Christ Doctrine: Are musical instruments scriptural for churches today? Is the Church of Christ considered a denomination? Pastor Reagan was told by his father in the ministry "All practices of the church fit into three categories: the scriptural, the unscriptural, and the non-scriptural." Click on the title to see these and more explained.

  • Importance of Good Music: Music is a controversial issue for Christians, but it is also an extremely important issue that must be dealt with.
  • March Music Versus Dance Music: We are to march in the army of the Lord.  But the devil wants us to dance.  There is a difference.  Alan Ives shows how you can tell the difference.
  • Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm: How the three elements of music are connected to the three parts of man - his spirit, soul, and body. Very interesting concept.
  • Music in the New Testament Church:  Are instruments allowed in the worship service? What should be the purpose of the music in a worship service?  All of this and more is covered in this article.



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