Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River - Isaiah 48:18


Nothing is more peaceful than the sight and sound of a gently flowing river. Yet, the Lord told His people that if they would have obeyed His commandments their peace would have "been as a river." This was not merely that their peace would have been calm like a river, but that they would have had as much peace as a river has water. The Lord reiterates this point in Isaiah 66:12 where He says of Jerusalem, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river." This peace was apparently dependent upon the obedience of the people of God. Naturally, life is more like the raging waves of the sea, but God in His grace desires to reward the obedient with peace like a river.


  • (For smaller children) Put a little water in a bowl. Blow hard on it and pretend to make waves. When we disobey God, our insides feel troubled like the waves. When we obey God, our insides feel calm and peaceful like the bowl of water when you quit blowing.
  • Have you ever been able to sit down beside a gently flowing river? Did the sound give you a sense of calmness? Do you enjoy that same calmness in your daily walk with the Lord?
  • Would you explain your level of peace as a raging sea or a calm river? Do you constantly find your life is like the crashing of waves or the peacefulness of the sound of gently running water? If your peace is like the raging waves, why do you think that is?


  • Ask the Lord to grant you peace like a river.
  • Ask God to show you that peace is dependent upon obedience.


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Proverbs 24:34

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