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By: Courtney Harkins

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As I sit and listen to stories of days gone by

And watch people tell them with tears in their eyes


Stories of Moms, Dads and Grandparents too

Things that they heard or saw God do


Of times when at church, saints would gather in

And ďAmenĒ the preacher when he preached against sin


They would go to church, rain or shine

If the preacher preached past noon, they didnít ever whine


Sinners to the altar would tremble and weep

Then the saints would shout over the once lost sheep


The saved drunkard would now be a sober man

And he didnít need to follow a rehab plan


I wonder why, after the stories have been told

Why donít we have Godís power as in days of old


ďNo time for itĒ may sound simple or odd

Imagine! Not having time for God


But if you look around, youíll find it very true

By observing what Christians say and do


Rushing to work, and back home for supper and bed

No time for serious praying or the Bible being read


Hoping God will overlook us arriving at church again quite late

To do that for work would be quite a terrible fate


At the top of our list Godís name must go

If we ever want His power through our lives to show


Spending much less time in front of the TV

And much more time on bended knee


Confessing our faults, day by day

And from them repentantly turning away


Humbling ourselves and seeking Godís face

To revive us again by His mercy and grace


God, help us be willing to give our ALL as You have done

When for this wicked world You gave your only begotten Son


And open our eyes that we may see

Where we are with you, and where we COULD be


ďRevive us againĒ, O Lord I pray

Let this be our desire day by day


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