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The Doctrine of Christ - Christ at the Treasury

Scripture Passage: 
Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4
  1. THE SCENE AT THE TREASURY (Mark 12:41-42; Luke 21:1-2)
    1. The Positioning of the Lord (Mark 12:41; Luke 21:1)
      1. He sat over against the treasury (Mark 12:41).
      2. He sat in a place where he could see people giving (Luke 21:1).
      3. Note: Obviously the Lord cares about what and how men give.
    2. The Purpose of the Lord’s Attention (Mark 12:41-42; Luke 21:1-2)
      1. Beholding “how” the people cast money into the treasury (Mark 12:41).
      2. The groups/individuals who gave (Mark 12:41-42; Luke 21:1-2)
        1. The rich (Mark 12:41; Luke 21:1)
          1. There were many that were rich (Mark 12:41).
          2. They cast in much (Mark 12:41).
        2. The certain widow (Mark 12:42; Luke 21:2)
          1. “A” certain widow caught the Lord’s attention.
          2. The widow was poor.
          3. The widow threw in two mites. This amount would purchase two sparrows (Matthew 10:29).
  2. THE TEACHING AT THE TREASURY (Mark 12:43-44; Luke 21:3-4)
    1. The Audience of the Teaching – the Disciples (Mark 12:43)
    2. The Content of the Teaching (Mark 12:43-44; Luke 21:3-4)
      1. The widow cast in more than they all (Mark 12:43; Luke 21:3).
      2. The rich cast in of their abundance (Mark 12:44; Luke 21:4).
      3. The widow cast in of her penury or want (Mark 12:44; Luke 21:4).
      4. The widow cast in all her living (Mark 12:44; Luke 21:4).
Andrew Ray

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