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The Move to Egypt

Scripture Passage: 
Genesis 45:1-28; Genesis 46:1-34; Genesis 47:1-12

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson grandly illustrates God’s providential preservation of and provision for His people.  The brothers’ act of hatred in selling Joseph into slavery becomes the way by which God preserves His people in famine (Genesis 45:4-8).

  1. JOSEPH REVEALS HIMSELF (Genesis 45:1-15)
    1. I Am Joseph (Genesis 45:1-4).
      1. Joseph could no longer refrain himself (Genesis 45:1).
      2. Joseph sent every man out from him except his brothers (Genesis 45:1).
      3. Joseph made himself known unto his brethren (Genesis 45:1).
      4. Joseph wept aloud and the house of Pharaoh heard him (Genesis 45:2).
      5. Joseph’s brothers were troubled at his presence (Genesis 45:3).
      6. Joseph called for his brothers to come near to him (Genesis 45:4).
    2. God Did Send Me (Genesis 45:5-8).
      1. Joseph tells his brothers not to be angry that they sold him into slavery (Genesis 45:5).
      2. Joseph tells his brothers that it was God who sent him to Egypt to preserve life (Genesis 45:5).
      3. Joseph tells his brothers about the extent of the famine (Genesis 45:6).
        1. Two years of famine have past.
        2. Five years of famine remain.
      4. Joseph tells his brothers that God, not them, sent him here to preserve their lives by a great deliverance (Genesis 45:7-8).
    3. Tell My Father (Genesis 45:9-13).
      1. That Joseph is alive (Genesis 45:9)
      2. That Jacob is to come to Goshen and be near Joseph (Genesis 45:10)
      3. That Joseph will nourish his family through the famine (Genesis 45:11)
      4. That Joseph is glorified in Egypt (Genesis 45:13)
    4. Joseph Weeps with His Brethren (Genesis 45:14-15).
  2. JOSEPH SENDS FOR HIS FATHER (Genesis 45:16-28)
    1. Pharaoh is Pleased (Genesis 45:16-20).
      1. Pharaoh is pleased to hear that Joseph’s brethren are come (Genesis 45:16).
      2. Pharaoh tells Joseph to tell his family that they can come to Egypt and they will have the good of the land of Egypt (Genesis 45:17-20).
    2. The Brethren Return Home (Genesis 45:21-24).
      1. They returned with provision for the way (Genesis 45:21).
      2. They returned with changes of raiment (Genesis 45:22).
        1. Joseph gave each man changes of raiment.
        2. Joseph gave Benjamin
          1. 300 hundred pieces of silver
          2. 5 changes of raiment
      3. They returned with goods for their father (Genesis 45:23).
        1. 10 asses laden with the good things of Egypt
        2. 10 she asses laden with corn, bread and meat
      4. They returned with a warning – “see that ye fall not out by the way” (Genesis 45:24).
    3. Jacob is Convinced (Genesis 45:25-28).
      1. The brothers arrive home and tell their father that Joseph is living and prospering (Genesis 45:25-26).
      2. Jacob does not believe the brothers (Genesis 45:26).
      3. Jacob sees the wagons from Egypt and believes (Genesis 45:27).
      4. Jacob determines to go see Joseph (Genesis 45:28).
  3. JACOB JOURNEYS TO EGYPT (Genesis 46:1-7)
    1. God Appears to Jacob (Genesis 46:1-4).
      1. Jacob offered sacrifices to God in Beersheba (Genesis 46:1).
      2. God spoke to Jacob in visions of the night (Genesis 46:2).
        1. There are seven times in the Bible where a human’s name is doubled.
        2. Abraham, Abraham (Genesis 22:11)
        3. Jacob, Jacob (Genesis 46:2)
        4. Moses, Moses (Exodus 3:4)
        5. Samuel, Samuel (1 Samuel 3:10)
        6. Martha, Martha (Luke 10:41)
        7. Simon, Simon (Luke 22:31)
        8. Saul, Saul (Acts 9:4)
      3. God confirms His promises to Jacob (Genesis 46:3).
      4. God promises His presence and deliverance and will go with Jacob down to Egypt (Genesis 46:4).
    2. Jacob Goes into Egypt (Genesis 46:5-7).
      1. Jacob rises up and leaves Beersheba (Genesis 46:5).
      2. Jacob arrives in Egypt (Genesis 46:6-7).
        1. With his goods (Genesis 46:6)
        2. With his seed (Genesis 46:6-7)
  4. THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL (Genesis 46:8-27)
    1. The Sons of Leah (Genesis 46:8-15)
      1. Reuben (Genesis 46:8-9)
      2. Simeon (Genesis 46:10)
      3. Levi (Genesis 46:11)
      4. Judah (Genesis 46:12)
      5. Issachar (Genesis 46:13)
      6. Zebulun (Genesis 46:14)
      7. Total – 33 souls (Genesis 46:15)
      8. Note:  The 33 souls do not include Dinah.
      9. Note: Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan and did not enter Egypt (Genesis 46:12).
    2. The Sons of Zilpah (Genesis 46:16-18)
      1. Gad (Genesis 46:16)
      2. Asher (Genesis 46:17)
      3. Total – 16 souls (Genesis 46:18)
    3. The Sons of Rachel (Genesis 46:19-22)
      1. Joseph (Genesis 46:20)
      2. Benjamin (Genesis 46:21)
      3. Total – 14 souls (Genesis 46:22)
    4. The Sons of Bilhah (Genesis 46:23-25)
      1. Dan (Genesis 46:23)
      2. Naphtali (Genesis 46:24)
      3. Total – 7 souls (Genesis 46:25)
    5. The Sum Total (Genesis 46:26-27)
      1. All the souls that came with Jacob into Egypt, besides Jacob’s sons’ wives, were 66 (Genesis 46:26).
        1. 32 souls from Leah – which includes Dinah
        2. 16 souls from Zilpah
        3. 11 souls from Rachel
        4. 7 souls from Bilhah
      2. All the souls of the house of Jacob which came into Egypt were 70 (Genesis 46:27).
        1. 66 came with Jacob.
        2. Joseph and his two sons equaled 3.
        3. Jacob himself would make number 70.
  5. THEY SETTLE IN THE LAND (Genesis 46:28-34; Genesis 47:1-12)
    1. Joseph Meets His Father (Genesis 46:28-30).
      1. Jacob and the family arrive in Goshen (Genesis 46:28).
      2. Joseph went out to meet his father (Genesis 46:29).
      3. Jacob rejoices at the sight of his son Joseph (Genesis 46:30).
    2. Joseph Presents His Brethren to Pharaoh (Genesis 46:31-34; Genesis 47:1-6).
      1. Joseph prepares his family to meet Pharaoh (Genesis 46:31-34).
      2. Joseph introduces his family to Pharaoh (Genesis 47:1-6).
        1. Joseph tells Pharaoh of his family’s arrival (Genesis 47:1).
        2. Joseph takes five of his brethren to meet Pharaoh (Genesis 47:2).
        3. Pharaoh converses with Joseph’s brethren (Genesis 47:3-4).
        4. Pharaoh tells Joseph to allow his family to dwell in Goshen and that if there are any men of activity among them to make them rulers of the cattle of Pharaoh (Genesis 47:5-6).
    3. Joseph Presents His Father to Pharaoh (Genesis 47:7-10).
      1. Joseph brings his father before Pharaoh (Genesis 47:7).
      2. Jacob blesses Pharaoh (Genesis 47:7).
      3. Pharaoh asks Jacob of his age (Genesis 47:8).
      4. Jacob tells Pharaoh of his age and difficulty of life (Genesis 47:9).
      5. Jacob goes out from the presence of Pharaoh (Genesis 47:10).
    4. Joseph Nourishes His Family (Genesis 47:11-12)

CONCLUSION:  Joseph was exalted in the last lesson.  But now his trials take on an even deeper meaning.  God uses them to preserve Joseph’s entire race and nation.  God’s plans were much bigger than anyone else could see.  We need to understand that the things which occur in our lives may have greater significance than we can understand at this time.  We must learn to trust God in His wisdom.

David Reagan and Andrew Ray

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 24:21

My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change: