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The Plagues Continue

Scripture Passage: 
Exodus 9:1-35

INTRODUCTION:  God continues to show His power through the plagues that are falling on the land of Egypt. How long does it take people to listen to the word of the Lord? By plague seven (the hail), some of the Egyptians are beginning to believe the truth of the word of God (see Exodus 9:19-20).

  1. THE PLAGUE OF MURRAIN (Exodus 9:1-7)
    1. The Fifth Plague
      1. Murrain is an infectious disease of cattle that causes widespread death.
      2. The word murrain comes from the Latin word mori which means to die and is also the base for words like mortal and mortician.
      3. The fifth plague is the first plague in which living creatures died; five is often used as a number representing death in the Bible.
        1. The first natural death (that of Adam) is recorded in Genesis 5:5.
        2. David took five stones to face Goliath (1Samuel 17:40, 49-51).
        3. Several men in the Bible are killed when they are smitten under the fifth rib (2 Samuel 2:23; 2 Samuel 3:27; 2 Samuel 4:6; 2 Samuel 20:10).
        4. Jesus died with five major wounds on His body (Psalm 22:16; John 20:27).
    2. Warning to Pharaoh (Exodus 9:1-5)
      1. Announcement of the coming plague (Exodus 9:1-3)
        1. Another call for the release of God’s people (Exodus 9:1)
        2. The judgment should Pharaoh refuse (Exodus 9:2-3)
          1. Upon the horses
          2. Upon the asses
          3. Upon the camels
          4. Upon the oxen
          5. Upon the sheep
        3. Separation between the cattle (Exodus 9:4; Exodus 8:22-23)
        4. Set for an appointed time (Exodus 9:5; cp. Exodus 8:9-10)
          1. Tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land.
          2. This in itself is a manifestation of the grace of God in giving Pharaoh time to repent.
    3. Fulfillment of the Plague (Exodus 9:6-7)
      1. Accomplished as God had said (Exodus 9:6)
      2. Checked by Pharaoh for accuracy (Exodus 9:7a)
      3. The heart of Pharaoh hardened (Exodus 9:7b)
  2. THE PLAGUE OF BOILS (Exodus 9:8-12)
    1. The Sixth Plague
      1. Six is the number of man.
        1. Man was created on the sixth day (Genesis 1:26-31).
        2. In Revelation 13:18, the number of a man is 666—a trinity of sixes.
        3. Man is to work for six days a week (Exodus 20:9).
        4. A man’s height is about six times the length of his foot; when he is buried, he is said to be planted six feet under.
      2. The boils caused the greatest physical pain on man of all the plagues.
      3. The plague is related to dust (Exodus 9:9); man comes from dust and will go to dust again (Genesis 3:19).
      4. The Plague Accomplished (Exodus 9:8-11)
        1. No warning given
        2. The sprinkling of ashes (Exodus 9:8)
        3. The boils on man and beast (Exodus 9:9-10)
        4. The absence of the magicians (Exodus 9:11)
      5. The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart (Exodus 9:12)
    2. THE PLAGUE OF HAIL (Exodus 9:13-35)
      1. The Seventh Plague
        1. Seven is the number of a perfect work; God’s work is often sevenfold.
          1. Natural sevens are found in the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes in the major scale.
          2. God completed the work of creation and rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2-3).
          3. The word of God is as silver purified seven times (Psalm 12:6-7).
          4. Joshua conquered Jericho by sending seven priests with seven trumpets around the city one time each for seven days and seven times on the seventh day (Joshua 6).
        2. Although the work was not finished with this plague, the last four plagues are grouped together as a final rush of God’s judgment – “For I will at this time send all my plagues upon thine heart” (Exodus 9:14).
      2. Warning to Pharaoh (Exodus 9:13-21)
        1. Warning in the morning (Exodus 9:13)
        2. Warning of greater plagues than what has come so far (Exodus 9:14)
        3. The demonstration of God’s power (Exodus 9:15-16)
          1. In the plagues (Exodus 9:15)
          2. In the stubbornness of Pharaoh (Exodus 9:16)
        4. The announcement of the coming plague (Exodus 9:17-18)
          1. Because Pharaoh has exalted himself (Exodus 9:17)
          2. The Lord will send hail like Egypt has never experienced (Exodus 9:18).
        5. The warning from the word of God (Exodus 9:19-21)
          1. A warning to the Egyptians (Exodus 9:19)
          2. A blessing for those who feared God’s word and heeded the warning (Exodus 9:20; Jonah 3)
            1. Note:  Even the unsaved can receive some blessings by heeding the words of God.
          3. A group who still did not listen (Exodus 9:21)
      3. The Plague Accomplished (Exodus 9:22-26)
        1. The rod of Moses is stretched forth (Exodus 9:22-23).
        2. The fierceness of the plague (Exodus 9:23-25)
          1. The Lord sent thunder and hail, and fire ran along the ground (Exodus 9:23-24).
          2. The hail smote all that was in the field (Exodus 9:25).
        3. The separation of the land of Goshen (Exodus 9:26)
      4. The Reaction of Pharaoh (Exodus 9:27-35)
        1. Pharaoh’s confession (Exodus 9:27-28)
          1. I have sinned this time (Exodus 9:27a).
          2. The Lord is righteous (Exodus 9:27b).
          3. Entreat the Lord (Exodus 9:28).
        2. Moses’ reply (Exodus 9:29-33)
          1. The plague will cease (Exodus 9:29).
          2. Pharaoh will continue as before (Exodus 9:30).
          3. The damage of the hail (Exodus 9:31-32)
          4. The storm stopped (Exodus 9:33).
        3. Pharaoh’s sin (Exodus 9:34-35)
          1. He saw the reprieve (Exodus 9:34).
          2. His heart was hardened (Exodus 9:35).

    CONCLUSION:  What does it take for God to get your attention? One of the signs of spiritual maturity in the life of a Christian is that they learn the lessons from God quickly. Are you listening to what God is telling you?

    David Reagan and Andrew Ray

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 19:24

A slothful man hideth his hand in his bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again.