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Sunday School Audio

Welcome to our free Sunday school audio page. We hope to be the central location for your search for audio lessons.

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The lessons found on this page are mainly the teaching of Bro. Karl Lohman of Antioch Baptist Church. To Download the lesson (Right click on the link and save to your desktop)

  • 2Kings 1:  Elijah the Tishbite calls fire down from heaven on two different occasions in this one chapter.  Find out why.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 2:  This chapter is made up of three very familiar stories.  Elijah is taken to heaven in a whirlwind, Elisha heals the waters of Jericho and Elisha cursed the little children and bears came out and devoured them.  So often you only hear of the love of God, but God is also a God of judgment.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 3:  The Israelites battle with Moab.  God provides water in the valley and the water turns out to be the determining factor in the victory.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 4:  This is a chapter of miracles.  Elisha multiplies the widow's oil, raises the Shunammite's son and heals the deadly pottage.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 5:  Obedience to the word of Elisha brings healing to Naaman, and disobedience to the word of Elisha brings leprosy to Gehazi.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 6:  Elisha prays and God opens the eyes of his servant so that he can see the horses and chariots of fire round about them.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 7:  The words of the four lepers ring out.  "Why sit we here until we die?"  The words that drove them to their decision to go into the camp of the Syrians.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 8:  Hazael to be King over Syria after he murdered Benhadad.  Also, how old was Ahaziah?  22 or 42   Listen:      Download:  X

  • 2Kings 9:  Jehu executes judgment on the house of Ahab.  In addition to this we have more information on the age of Ahaziah         Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 10:  The political and spiritual evaluation of Jehu are given here.  The Chapter ends with his death.   Listen:      Download:  X

  • 2Kings 11:  They brought forth the king's son and put a crown upon him.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Chronicles 24:  Joash was minded to repair the house of the Lord.  The temple is repaired but then comes apostasy.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 13:  Israel is delivered into the hands of the Syrians, but the Lord gave Israel a Saviour.  Elisha gives the king of Israel some commands on what to do about the Syrians and about the arrow of the Lord's deliverance.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 14:  Amaziah reigns in Judah.  He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but he removed not the high places.        Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Chronicles 26:  Uzziah sought God all of the days of Zechariah and as long as he sought the Lord he prospered.  But when he was strong, his heart was lifted up to his destruction.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 15:  The account of two Kings in Judah and five Kings over Israel.  The Kings of Judah did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, while the Kings of Israel did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 16:  Once again we have another king that doesn't do right in the sight of God.  His name is Ahaz and in this chapter we read of his reign and his death.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 17:  The Lord testified against His own people because of their false worship including images and groves.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 18:  Hezekiah reigns at a critical time in the history of Judah. Israel is taken into captivity during his reign. The Assyrian Empire is destroying or conquering the nations all around Judah. What was to become of Judah, the place of God’s chosen line of kings of the house of David?  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 19:  Hezekiah receives a letter from Sennacherib and he presents it before the Lord.  God heard his prayer and promises to defend Hezekiah and his city.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 20:  Hezekiah becomes sick unto death, but he calls out to God for healing.  God hears his prayer and promises to heal Hezekiah.  Upon receipt of the promise Hezekiah asked God for a sign.  The sign that God was to perform was to let the shadow  return backward ten degrees.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 21:  Manasseh, a son that Hezekiah had during his fifteen year extension, comes to the throne.  He did evil in the sight of the Lord, making his children pass through the fire along with other abominations.  God has to declare that He will forsake the remnant and deliver them to their enemies.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 22:  There is revival in the land.  Josiah takes the throne and he begins to work on the Temple.  They find the book of the law in the house of the Lord and read it before Josiah.  Josiah repents after hearing the word and God promises to bless him for fearing the word of God.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 23:  Josiah reads the book to the people and makes a covenant with God to walk after His commandments.  Josiah did a great work for God in cleaning out the idolatry.  However, his end was that of a lack of faith in the word of God.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Kings 24-25:  It is a sad conclusion as the promise of captivity of Judah comes to pass and Nebuchadnezzar besieges the city.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 1-2:  The beginning of lessons in the Book of Job.  In this section everything falls apart for Job, yet in all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 19:  Job responds to Bildad and in the midst of it we find the truth of the resurrection.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 38:  God comes to Job and questions him concerning creation.  This chapter is full of material for the Bible student.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 39:  God questions Job concerning the animals.  Many interesting things including mention of the unicorn.   Listen:      Download: X

  • Job 40:  God demands an answer of Job and asks Job if he can save himself.  Following this the Lord goes on to describe a creature known as Behemoth.  What is Behemoth?  Find out the folly of the Bible correctors.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 41:   In this chapter we are given a description of leviathan.  Who is this creature and why does God tell Job his characteristics?   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Job 42:  Job humbly submits to God , intercedes for his friends and is restored his prosperity all in this chapter.   Listen:    Download: X

  • Psalm 1:  A vivid contrast between the blessed and the wicked.  This psalm is split with the first three verses dealing with the characteristics of the blessed and the last three verses dealing with the characteristics of the wicked.  Which one are you?   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 8:  A psalm dealing with Jesus Christ.  This psalm includes references to the work of Christ in creation as well as His coming to earth.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 19:  A Psalm dealing with the voice of the heavens and the words of God's law. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 22:  A Psalm of prophecy that deals with the crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour of Jesus Christ.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 23:  The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.  Some of the most famous words in the whole Bible, but there is always a freshness to it.  Take another look and see what God has for you.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Jonah 1:  God calls Jonah to go to Nineveh but he runs from God until he finds himself in the belly of a fish.  A lesson on the endeavors of the backslider.  This lesson also includes information on the accuracy of the text concerning Jonah and the fish.

  • Jonah 2:1-10; 3:1-10: The amazing story of Jonah and whale has been a favorite of children and a target of Bible-deniers. But we have no problem believing that God prepared a great fish that could swallow a man and spit him up still alive three days later. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Jonah 4: In this chapter, God gives Jonah a lesson in mercy. Jonah knew the evil Nineveh had done and probably knew of the evil Nineveh would do to Israel. As such, he wished that the city be destroyed and was angry when God had pity on the city.  Listen:    Download: X

  • Psalm 51: The title of this psalm identifies it as “A Psalm of David, when Nathan the prophet came unto him, after he had gone in to Bathsheba.” Even in the confession of such heinous sins, we can see why God looked to David as “a man after his own heart”.       Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 90:One of our most precious commodities is time. We struggle with the proper use of time. This psalm begins with the eternity of God, powerfully expresses the brevity of man’s years, and closes with help on how to number our days. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 107: This psalm describes the ups and downs of life. Some of our downs are judgment for sin, but some of them are simply part of our lot in life in a fallen world.  In this psalm, the Lord consistently comes to the aid of those who cry unto Him.  Listen:      Download: X

  • Psalm 119: If you are looking for a chapter that deals more with the word of God than any other, this would be it.  We find the love that a man after God's own heart has for the very words of God.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Psalm 139: This Psalm deals with the knowledge of God concerning His servant. David praises God saying, "how precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them!"  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Isaiah 53: This chapter is one of the greatest chapters on Christ in the Bible Of this chapter, the Baptist preacher J. Frank Norris said: “The greatest chapter, the highest mountain peak of the whole Bible. This chapter should be memorized by all.”  Listen:     Download: X

  • Jeremiah 32: Jeremiah is in prison in Jerusalem. The city is besieged by the Babylonians. According to Jeremiah’s own prophecy, Jerusalem will soon be destroyed and the people of Israel will be taken into captivity. In the midst of this turmoil, the Lord commands Jeremiah to buy a field from his uncle in his hometown of Anathoth. Jeremiah is unlikely to get any benefit from the field, but he is to buy it anyway. God uses this event to promise future restoration of Israel. Fields will again be bought and sold in the land. This is a message of hope and promise in a time of destruction.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Jeremiah 38: Jeremiah certainly lived in unenviable times.  He, for all practical purposes, stood alone.  He had kings, princes, priests, and common ordinary people against him.  As America declines and sticks her index fingers in both of her ears to avoid the voice of the Lord God, it is going to get lonelier and lonelier.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Jeremiah 42-43: Jerusalem and Judah had already fallen to the Babylonians. However, renegade soldiers had killed the governor that the Babylonians had set up for the people who remained in the land. Now, the people were afraid that they would all be destroyed. Since Jeremiah’s prophecies had always been true, they decided to ask him what they should do. This chapter tells of their response to God’s word.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Daniel 1: In this chapter, we find the account of the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, and the personal history of Daniel. Daniel and his friends were made eunuchs in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Daniel 3: The Hebrew children (as they are often called) stood up for the Lord at a time when it was not popular to do so. They refused to go along with the crowd even when it threatened to cost them their own lives.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Daniel 4:  This chapter deals with the dangerous consequences of pride and the need for humility concerning self and praise and admiration toward the greatness of God. Nebuchadnezzar tells how the most powerful man in the world (himself) was brought low in a moment by God. Then, at a later date and according to the divine prophecy, he tells how he was restored to his former position—though as a wiser man than before.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Daniel 5:  The finger of God writes on the wall.  His message is judgment.  We know that God often delays to judge man for sin. However, this should never be taken as weakness or lack of conviction. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Daniel 6: Every child in church soon learns the story of Daniel in the den of lions. It is a riveting tale of courage and supernatural deliverance. Central to the story is the faithfulness of Daniel. His only weakness was that his faithfulness was so strong that it could be used to trap him. But, as we all know, God rewards faithfulness and Daniel was delivered from the mouth of the lions.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • 2Chronicles 36: Although the Jewish people were the chosen people of God, they disobeyed Him and were punished for their sins. Enemies won battles against them and their crops failed. However, they refused to respond to the correction given to them by the Lord. Finally, God sold them into slavery. One way or another, they must learn that their sins cannot continue and God must be served.  Listen:        Download: X

  • Ezra 1:  The Jews had been taken captive because of their disobedience. Here, they return to the Promised Land and begin to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. They begin with the Temple—the place of worship. Later, Ezra restores spiritual purity to their obedience. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Ezra 2: Ezra chapter two gives the official census record of those who returned at this time. In this passage, God begins to renew that which had fallen. Though it looked to all the earth as if Israel was gone forever as a nation, God had other plans. After all, He can resurrect the dead back to life. Certainly, He can resurrect a nation.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Ezra 3-4: Restoration of a life must begin with the restoration of a right relationship with God. Until God is put in His proper place, nothing much will happen in the other areas of life. Make sure that you are right with God.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Haggai 1: Restoration of a life must begin with the restoration of a right relationship with God. Until God is put in His proper place, nothing much will happen in the other areas of life. Make sure that you are right with God.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Haggai 2: The returning Israelites ceased to work on the house of God and emphasized their own comforts. However, they listened to the prophet and renewed their efforts at building His house. If we will listen to the Lord when He corrects us and be obedient, we cannot image all the blessings that will come because of this obedience. God is waiting for us to be faithful to Him before He blesses.       Listen:       Download:  X

  • Ezra 5 - 6: Stirred by the preaching of Haggai and Zechariah, the Israelites return to the task of completing the temple. Their work is not without obstacles, but they are faithful in their resolve and the obstacles are turned into bountiful assistance. Their hinderers become their helpers.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 1: The world has a party. God is ignored. But God is still behind the scenes preparing to do His great work. God is working in your life to bring about His good. We need to trust Him even when we do no see Him working.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 2: King Ahasuerus has rejected Vashti as his queen an now he has no queen.  He seeks a queen among all of the most beautiful girls of the kingdom.  However, God has a plan to make one special girl the next queen.  She is an orphan girl named Esther.        Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 3: In this chapter we see the pride and the fury of Haman. He cannot bear the thought that someone would no bow to him. But we should search our own hearts. How does pride make us angry? How do we express fury? What should we do about it? Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 4: By nature, we think that everything must revolve around ourselves. However, God’s way is for us to die to self so that God may have the first place in our lives. Young children may not understand death to self, but they may be able to understand that what God wants from us must come first. It is not what we want for ourselves; it is what God wants for us. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 5, 6: God works all things out to His will for those that love Him (Romans 8:28). There is probably no more powerful illustration of this Bible precept than in this story. God is in charge of the details.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 7-8: Even when we do not see it, God watches over His own people. But sometimes, like Esther, we have to step out by faith and trust His care.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Esther 9-10: The Christian life (as that of the Jewish believer in the Old Testament) is a life that has many ups and downs. Sometimes, it seems as if all has turned against us. But God is in the circumstances. There are no mistakes with God and we must learn to fully trust in Him.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Allegory of Esther: As Christians, we can submit to the flesh or to the Spirit (Romans 6:16). We may not be able o do anything we wish at anytime we want, but we can choose our master. Make sure to choose the Lord.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Ezra 7-8: Here we see the dedication and fulfillment of God's call on Ezra to do the work for which he was called. We are also called by the Lord to do a work for Him. We must prepare ourselves and give ourselves completely to the task, just like Ezra. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 1-2: Nehemiah saw a great need for the city of Jerusalem. He went to the Lord in a great prayer of confession and petition. He received a commission from the king to go and repair the walls. He went to Jerusalem, surveyed the damage for himself, and, in the face of fierce opposition from neighboring people, challenged the Jews to join with him in the work. This is a perfect pattern for tackling a work for the Lord.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 3-4: Many think the work of the Lord is easy. It is not. God’s work requires the greatest of organization and effort. Then, those doing it must be prepared for battle because the forces of this world will surely oppose it. This record of the building of the wall contains much instruction about the requirements for doing a work for God.  Listen:        Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 8: The story of Nehemiah 8 is the story of Ezra’s fulfillment of his purpose and calling. Zerubbabel built a temple and Nehemiah built a wall. Ezra did not build any physical structures but his work may have the most significant of the three. He brought the people of God back to the word of God. Not only did they hear the words of the Lord; they obeyed them. Glorious day! No wonder that the day of their return to the Lord is called a holy day that needs no weeping.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 9-10: The wall of Jerusalem has been successfully rebuilt. However, some spiritual building needs to be done. The people must establish themselves on the firm foundation of the words of God.  They are the people of God, but they do not know Him in a real and active way. They must return to the word of God, obey its teachings, confess their sins, and commit (covenant) to give themselves entirely to Him.

  • Nehemiah 11-12: The work of rebuilding the wall is not fully completed until the city is inhabited with a sufficient population and the wall is dedicated to the Lord. If you have done a work for the Lord, make sure that you finish the work by making sure that it set on a firm foundation and by dedicating it to the Lord and to His service.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 5: The people of Israel had been taking advantage of one another. Some were even selling others into slavery. Even though the wall had not yet been finished, this had to be taken care of immediately. Nehemiah required full restitution of all that had been taken from the poor brethren. The people obeyed and justice was restored.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Nehemiah 6-7: While Nehemiah worked to complete the wall of the city, his enemies worked overtime to oppose it. They pretended to be ready to compromise. They accused him of rebelling against the Persian Empire. They tried to trick him into personal compromise. They even hired prophets to preach against him. But he would not be diverted from the call on God on him to build the wall. Therefore, the wall was completed in 52 days.  Listen:       Download:  X

  • Malachi 1-2: The Jews are back in the land of Israel. They have a temple and Jerusalem has walls around the city. Several years have gone by. Unfortunately, they have once again declined from the ways of God. They are still “orthodox” in their teachings, but they are faulty in their obedience and they are breaking their holy covenants. God raises up Malachi to give them one more warning before they face four hundred years of silence from God. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Malachi 3-4: Malachi closes the Old Testament with a grave warning intermingled with hope. The day of the Lord will come and it is a day of great judgment. However, the righteous will be preserved and those who fear the Lord will be restored and rewarded.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 1:1-18: To understand the gospel record of Jesus Christ, we must go back before the beginning of time where the Son of God already dwells. This lesson deals with the very important truth that God's Son did not begin at the time of His birth in a manger. He existed in eternity past and was the Creator of all things.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 1:5-25: Before the promised Messiah came to earth, the promised forerunner who would prepare the way of the Lord must come (Isaiah 40:3-5; Malachi 3:1). John was to be that forerunner (Mark 1:1-4). His birth was a miracle in itself and is an example of the wondrous blessing of God on those who will be faithful to Him.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 2:1-20: We began the story of Jesus in the New Testament with the birth of John the Baptist. John was the forerunner who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah and pointed Him out at the proper time. However, before we can get to that, we must look at the birth of Jesus Himself. He did not begin His existence at His earthly birth, but existed in eternity past as God the Son. In birth, He gave up the riches of heaven and took on the poverty of earth (2Corinthians 8:9). He did not do this for Himself, but for us.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 2:21-39: Even in His infancy, we see both the human and the divine in the story of Jesus. Jesus had to be circumcised and He had to be presented to the Lord when His mother was purified according to the law. His mother offered the sacrifice available to the poor for her purification. All of this points to the humanity of Jesus. However, when Jesus was taken to the temple, He was blessed by two of the godly saints who graced this holy place with their presence: Simeon and Anna. Simeon declared Him to be the Lord's Christ and God's salvation to both Israel and the Gentiles. Anna also "spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem" (Luke 2:38). Clearly, Jesus was much more than just a little baby boy. Listen:       Download:  X

  • Matthew 2:1-23: Although the popular understanding places the arrival of the wise men at the same time as the shepherds, this is not the case. They arrived much later. By the time the wise men came, Joseph and Mary and Jesus were living in a house in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:11). Also, Herod by his careful questioning determined that he must kill all the children two years old and younger in order to eliminate this suspected rival to his throne (Matthew 2:16). Another common understanding about the wise men needs to be addressed. The Bible nowhere says that there were three. The Bible names three different gifts (Matthew 2:11), but nowhere says that there were three wise men. Other traditions in this story are that the wise men were three kings and that they represented three races of people. The Bible never calls them kings and they were all from the East (Matthew 2:1). The Bible story is a wonderful story as it is. It is a shame that men have thought it necessary to add to its message.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 2:40-52: This is the only passage in the Bible that tells us anything of the life of Jesus from the age of two (when He fled from Herod) to the age of thirty (when He began his ministry - Luke 3:23). We would like to know more about this time of His life, but God has chosen to place most of His human childhood behind a veil. However, from this passage we can learn much about Jesus. And, as Jesus is to be our example in life, so He is an example to all children and young people. Consider carefully how Jesus can be an example to children today.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 1:19-51: Jesus has been baptized and has returned victorious from the forty days of temptation in the wilderness. Now, it is time for Him to begin His earthly ministry. Since His primary plan for the earthly ministry is to train a group of men who will continue His work after He is gone (John 14:12; Acts 1:1-2), He begins His ministry by drawing certain disciples to Himself.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 2:1-12: In our recent lessons, we have seen the initiation of Jesus into His adult earthly ministry by His baptism at the hands of John. Then, Jesus immediately spent forty days in the wilderness and a time of temptation by the devil. This is followed by His choosing of some of His first disciples. Now, in this lesson, He begins to confirm His identity to His disciples and introduce Himself to the wider Jewish world by means of His first miracle. This miracle, however, is not a more standard miracle of healing, casting out devils, or raising the dead. It occurs at a joyous time of marriage and is a type of a new provision of salvation through the Son.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 2:13-25: Today, people often think that because Jesus was meek and lowly that He was also a bit of a sissy. The common view of Jesus as having hair way down His back and an almost feminine face have added to this opinion; as has the liberal idea that His love overran any sense of justice. But this concept of Jesus is wrong. He was a man's man. He will sit as judge over all the earth. He suffered torture that no sissy could. He wandered for forty days in the hot desert wilderness of the hills of Judea while fasting. And here, in this lesson, He stands up to the religious establishment of the day and runs the moneychangers out of the temple. Jesus is truly an example of manhood.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 3:1-21: This lesson contains what is probably the most famous verse in the Bible - John 3:16. Here, Nicodemus sneaks in to see Jesus in order to discover His true message. We can be glad he did because we have in this story a wonderful message of salvation.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 4:1-42: Once again, we see Jesus in action witnessing one on one. We can learn much from His witness to the Samaritan woman.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 4:14-44: Jesus now enters into His public ministry in earnest. The second year of His ministry is often called the Year of Popularity (after the Year of Obscurity and before the Year of Conflict). This chapter illustrates that popularity. The people rejoice at what He has to say and they are amazed at His power to heal and to cast out devils. However, even in His time of popularity, His own home town of Nazareth rejects Him.    Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 5:1-16: As to the gospel records, this is the second call given to the disciples. However, it points to three calls from the Lord Jesus to all of us. The first call is the call to salvation. The second call is the call to discipleship, or sanctification. For the disciples, this is found in John 1:35-42. There, Jesus invited them, "Come and see" (John 1:39).The third call is the call to service; the call to be fishers of men. This call for the disciples is recorded in this chapter and in Matthew 4:18-22. As Jesus told them in Matthew 4:19: "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Mark 2:1-12: The record of this miracle is found in three gospels. You should compare the record in Mark with Matthew 9:1-8 and Luke 5:17-26. Though Christ must have healed multitudes of sick people and numerous miracles are described in the gospels, this one is unique because of the part friends played in bringing their lame friend to the Lord Jesus. May the Lord give us such friends in our times of need. May we be a friend to those who need someone to bring them to the Saviour.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 5:1-47: Jesus used the healing of a lame man at the pool of Bethesda as an occasion to teach of His oneness with the Father. The One who could heal on the Sabbath was also the One who came from the Father.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 7:1-17: The miracles of Christ demonstrate His power and reveal His identity as the Son of God. However, they always had additional teaching value for the disciples and we can continue to learn these lessons today. As you study the two miracles in this lesson, look beyond the miracles themselves and see the lessons that are there that will help us in our Christian walk and in our service for the King.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Luke 8:26-56: We know that Christ can heal and that in healing He changes lives. However, He can change lives in a multitude of ways. He can restore a life that has gone to ruin, bring a family back together, or give renewed hope and purpose to one who has given up hope. This lesson, more than anything else, is about the power of Jesus Christ to touch a life and leave it different than it ever was before.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • Mark 6:1-29:One of the facts of human experience is the changes we go through during the course of our time on earth. At one point, Job complained: "changes and war are against me" (Job 10:17). We lose a job or a loved one. Our health deteriorates. We move. All of these and many more changes are some of the great challenges we face in life. Often these changes seem to work against us (as mentioned by Job), but they also give us heavenly perspective and cause us to fear God. David said of the wicked, "Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God" (Psalm 55:19). Since we often struggle with these changes, we need God to help us through them. We need Him to show us how to use them as stepping stones and not as stumbling blocks. Yet, how can an unchangeable God ("I am the LORD, I change not" - Malachi 3:6) understand our changes? He does this through Jesus Christ who is both God and man. As God, He is unchanging ("the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever" - Hebrews 13:8). As man, He experienced the changes of life and can help us through them when we have our own changes (Hebrews 2:18). Notice the three great changes experienced by Christ in this lesson and compare them to the changes in our lives. Truly, Jesus is able to help those who are going through great changes.   Listen:       Download:  X

  • John 6:1-15: In this miracle, Jesus shows that he cares for the physical needs of the people and reacts in compassion to those needs. However, He also uses this miracle as an important lesson for His disciples. They see their own lack of resources; He sees the need - resources are never a problem for the Son of God. We must be willing to learn from this lesson ourselves.    Listen:       Download:  X




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