The Ark, A Type of Christ

Scripture Passage: 
Genesis 6:1-16
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    1. Make it Out of Gopher Wood (Genesis 6:14)
      1. Gopher wood is only mentioned once in the Bible
      2. Noah was to go and cut down these trees in order to prepare the ark
      3. The trees were already provided on the third day of creation
    2. Make Rooms Inside  (Genesis 6:14) - Noah was to make rooms inside of the Ark for whosoever would come into the ark
    3. Pitch it Within and Without (Genesis 6:14) - Pitch was a protecting agent that would seal the cracks and prevent the water from coming into the ark
    4. Length to be 300 Cubits (Genesis 6:15)
    5. Breadth to be 50 Cubits (Genesis 6:15)
    6. Height to be 30 Cubits (Genesis 6:15)
    7. A Window to be Placed in the Ark (Genesis 6:16) - There was to be a window placed in the ark probably in the top story
    8. A Door to be in the Side (Genesis 6:16) - A door was to be place in the side for all that would to be able to enter thereby
    9. The Ark is to Have 3 Stories (Genesis 6:16)
    1. The Ark was to Bare the Judgment of the Flood (Genesis 7:17-18)
    2. The Ark was to Preserve the People Inside
    3. The Ark was the Only Way to Survive the Coming Judgment
    1. Gopher Wood- A Unique Tree (Mark 8:22-25; Mark 8:27-29)
    2. Noah’s Family Cut Down the Trees (Acts 2:36; 1Peter 2:24)
    3. The Pitch Had to be Applied (Leviticus 17:11; Hebrews 9:22-26; 1Peter 1:18-19)
    4. The Door Was Placed on the Side
      1. Probably on the first story
      2. Jesus Christ is the door of the sheep (John 10:7-9)
      3. The door to heaven was hung in the first heaven on Calvary
    5. The Wrath was Placed on the Ark (Genesis 7:17; John 12:32-33)
    6. The Ark Resurrected (Genesis 8:4; Matthew 28:1-6)
    7. Those Outside of the Ark Perished (Genesis 7:21-23)
    8. Only Those In Christ Lived (Genesis 7:23)
Andrew Ray

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