The Flattery of the Antichrist

The Flattery of the Antichrist - Daniel 11:21 


If you are born again by the grace of God, you will not be here during the tribulation (1 Thessalonians 4:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:9), during which time the Antichrist will have his way on this earth. Yet, it is still our responsibility to study the word of God, and in doing so we learn that the Antichrist will use flattery to obtain his kingdom. As a "vile" leader, he will come in peaceably and say nice things to other leaders in order to get them to associate with him. Ultimately, his plan is to be in control. If this is the way that the Antichrist will work in the tribulation, isn’t it possible that this is the way the Devil will seek to devour believers in our day?


  • (For smaller children) Satan uses flattery by telling us what our hearts want to hear - that it's OK to go against what God says. It won't be so bad. Eve wanted the fruit so badly that she believed his lie (Genesis 3:4). We end up miserable when we go against God’s word.
  • Flattery is a tool of the Devil. What are some ways he can use flattery to rob believers of peace and joy? What are some ways that he can use flattery to ruin a person’s testimony?
  • What should we think about leaders in our day who use flattery to get a following? Whose tactics are they implementing? How should we pray in these situations?


  • Ask the Lord to give us godly leaders who do not use flattery.
  • Ask God to show us the Devil’s tactics at work in our lives.


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