The Lord Shall Be My Comfort

In the year 1551, a woman named Catharine was sentenced to fire. While yet in prison, she was greatly tormented by the monks, in order to make her apostatize, but she said, I stand so firmly to my faith that for i, to the honor of God, I will suffer myself to be burned at the stake. What would you do for your faith? No much I think. Hence repent, before you be brought to shame.

Having being sentenced to be burned alive, and on her way to death, she was saluted by a brother. When she arrived on the scaffold, her hands were untied at her request. She then knelt down, and prayed fervently to God for strength, which He also gave her; for when she had arisen, and was tied to the stake, she boldly said, "I am put to death for the truth's sake; whatever you are able to inflict upon me, I am freely ready to suffer." A seducer then came up, to comfort and strengthen her, as he said, but she replied, "Be still, I am tired of your tormenting; forbear comforting me, and comfort yourself; for He whose name I suffer, shall now be my comfort.

Thereupon, calling with a firm confidence upon God, she was burned alive in the sight of all men, steadfastly offering up soul and body to God, as a burnt sacrifice.

Note: Taken from the book Martyrs Mirror. Content may or may not have been edited for clarity.

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