God’s Absolute and Ordinate Power

Source Name: 
Existence and Attributes of God: Volume 2 (p.12-13)
Source Author: 
Stephen Charnock

God’s power "is divided ordinarily into absolute and ordinate. Absolute, is that power whereby God is able to do that which he will not do, but is possible to be done; ordinate, is that power whereby God doth that which he hath decreed to do, that is, which he hath ordained to appointed to be exercised; which are not distinct powers, but one and the same power… Both those powers are expressed (Matthew 26:53-54), ‘My Father can send twelve legions of angels,’ there is his absolute power; ‘But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?" there is his ordinate power. As his power is free from act of his will, it is called absolute; as it is joined with an act of his will, it is called ordinate. His absolute power is necessary, and belongs to his nature; his ordinate power is free, and belongs to his will."

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