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Pope Dethroned

Published Date: 
August 31, 2004
Source Name: 
God's Secretaries -The Making of the King James Bible
Source Author: 
Adam Nicolson

While reading the book, God's Secretaries -The Making of the King James Bible, I came across a most interesting quote.  With the publishing of the King James Bible it was said that "The Reformers dethroned the Pope and enthroned the Bible."  If you study the events around the year 1611 you will find that to be true.  What a great work God has done through the King James Bible.  Just a thought to leave you it possible that with the new versions we have dethroned the Bible and enthroned the Scholar?  Time and time again when someone corrects the King James Bible they tell me how many languages they know.  What do you say as individuals we keep the Bible on the throne.

Andrew Ray

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