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Christ a Garment for Sanctification

Garments are for the covering of the body. They hide nakedness and deformity. The Lord Jesus Christ is a cover for the soul, every man’s nakedness and deformity appears that hath not on this spiritual Garment.

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Christ a Rock

The scripture compares our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to a rock. The scripture also declares that our Rock is not as their rock. What can we learn from these truths?

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Christ the Head

The Son of God is very often in the holy scriptures called an Head. He is the Head of the body, the church, which alludes to a natural Head.

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Christ the Lily of the Valley

We often hear about the fact that Christ is the "lily of the valley" but what does that mean in the practical sense?

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Christ the Express Image of the Father

How can we know God? Are there multiple ways to get to God? What does the Bible mean when it says that Christ is the express image of the Father?

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Christ a Shepherd

What can we learn about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from looking at the duties and character of a Shepherd?

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Ministers Compared to Stewards

As ministers of Christ we are called to be stewards. What all does this calling include?

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The Holy Spirit The Saints Guide

We read in the scriptures that the Holy Spirit is to guide us into all truth, but what are some of the implications of the Holy Spirit being a guide?

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God Compared to a Bear

What can we learn about God from our understanding of the nature of bears? God compared something He was going to do with something that a bear would do. Find out what a blessing it is.

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God a Man of War

Many in the world today have become pacifists and this has rolled over into Christianity. Although some have good reasons for hating war others simply deny that God is a God of war. This article by comparison shows God to be very much a Man of War.

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