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God Compared to a Potter

God sent Jeremiah down to the potter's house to show him some things. It should not surprise us that God is like the potter in many ways. This article shows the similarities and distinctions between the two.

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God An Hiding-Place

Have you ever taken time to think about what it means that God is our hiding place? There are truly some great blessings in this truth. This article shows a comparison between a hiding place and characteristics of God.

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Christ a Bridegroom

A Bridegroom presupposes two things. First, a person in a single capacity; and as so considered, he is a suitor. Secondly, a person in a married estate; and as so considered, he is a head or husband. In both these respects Christ may be considered, and is held forth in the word of God.

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Christ a Branch

In the scriptures, Jesus Christ is called the Branch. We are to understand His human nature as intended. As such, concerning the flesh, he proceeded from Abraham, Jesse and David.

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Christ a Testator

The death of the Testator has put His will and testament into effect. In what ways is Christ a Testator? Great blessings have been left to His people? Are you experiencing those blessings?

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Christ A Prophet

The Lord Jesus Christ had three offices. They are Prophet, Priest and King. In what aspects was Jesus Christ a Prophet?

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Christ A Priest

One of the greatest blessings of being saved is having Jesus Christ as your High Priest. No longer must you go to a man to confess your sins and ask forgiveness, but you can approach the throne of grace with boldness through the shed blood of our High Priest.

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To Talk or Not To Talk

Is it possible that you talk too much? No, not you. Actually, we all deal with this problem at one time or another. How can we solve this problem or rather allow God to work in our hearts on the matter?

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Christ a Physician

We read, Job 13:4, of “physicians of no value:” such indeed are all to whom application for remedy is made, besides this heavenly Physician, who never fails to cure such as receive his prescriptions. In what respects Christ is termed a Physician, is to be seen in the following parallel.k

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Christ a Mediator

Mediator as applied to Christ, is borrowed from persons, whose office it is to reconcile such parties as are at variance, being as it were in the middle, betwixt both, soliciting the cause of each to the other, till they bring them to concord or agreement.

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