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A Gap Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?

Some scholars believe there is a “gap” of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and others reject such a proposition. Certain objectors insist that there must be a continuity of thought in the time and progression of Scriptures and thus disallow any consideration of a “gap.” The objectors claim that “gap-believers” force the issue of a “gap” by making a division between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 and thus commit a grave hermeneutical error.

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Work - Blessing or Curse

The work place has changed beyond all recognition since the Bible was written, so the question is, “Is it still relevant today for the modern worker?” I believe the answer is clearly yes, and God willing as we look at the scriptures you will see why.

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The Book of Mormon - False Testament

While reading the Book of Mormon, this so-called “other testament of Jesus Christ,” I noticed something very eye-opening, something that gives away the true nature and origin of this book. As a preacher I spend a great deal of time reading, studying and memorizing the Bible, therefore I am very familiar with scripture. It is important for you to know this so you will understand what a startling thing it was for me to observe what I observed in the Book of Mormon.

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Webster's New World Dictionary

Because of my emphasis on the English Bible and its language, I lean more on English dictionaries than many students of the Bible. While others are jumping into the Hebrew and Greek lexicons and dictionaries before they really know what the English says, I am carefully examining the English. I have found this to be a practical and reliable approach.

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Thank the Baptists for Freedom of Religion

Persecution of the Baptists did not cease with the Roman Catholic church but it continued with the Protestants. Baptists, however, stood for liberty of conscience, not only for themselves, but they also stood for the freedom of Catholics, Jews, Turks, Protestants and heretics to worship God according to their conscience without the intervention of government.

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Toddler Games and Activities

One of our missionary wives wrote to a couple of our excellent Sunday School teachers. She recalled how well these teachers kept the attention of her children in class and how much even two and three year olds learned under their teaching. She requested that they would tell her some of the things they did so she could use some of them in her home school. Here is the answer. We believe that these approaches can be of great help to others as well. (Our teachers requested that their names not be used.)

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The Three James'

James is the given name for three prominent men in the New Testament. They include two of the twelve apostles and one of the brothers of Jesus. This has caused much confusion as to the identity of the Book of James. We will look at the three men named James and then consider the author of the book.

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Nothing Shall Offend Them

What is the meaning of Psalm 119:165. What does it mean that those who love the love of God shall not be offended? Are hurt feelings proof that someone does not love God's word? Let's look at the scripture and study it for a bit.

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Biblical Value of Pi

Did Solomon know the value of pi when he gave the instructions for the molten sea?

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Worthy to Suffer

In the year 1538, in August, there were apprehended in the town ten or seventeen men and women, who were said to have been rebaptized, all of them humble (or poor) people, etc., except a goldsmith, who was among the number, whose name was Paul Vandruynen, and who was said to be their preacher.

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