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The Lord Shall Be My Comfort

In the year 1551, a woman named Catharine was sentenced to fire. While yet in prison, she was greatly tormented by the monks, in order to make her apostatize, but she said, I stand so firmly to my faith that for i, to the honor of God, I will suffer myself to be burned at the stake. What would you do for your faith? No much I think. Hence repent, before you be brought to shame.

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Led Joyfully to the Flames

George Wagner, of Emmerich, was apprehended at Munich, in Bavaria, on account of four articles of the faith.

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Kindled With Zeal

These eighteen persons, besides many others, were kindled with zeal in the fear of God, and had turned to God from the world and its idolatry, and been baptized upon faith in Christ, entering upon obedience towards His holy Gospel. This the adversaries could not endure; these eighteen were therefore apprehended, and finally, as they, under many tortures, piously adhered to their faith, were all sentenced to the fire, and burned, on the same day, at Salzburg, about the year 1528. They left the following as a memorial:

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Baptist History Preservation Society

The Baptist History Preservation Society is a local church ministry dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Baptists. Our history can be traced through books and blood, from pulpits to prisons, and from courts to cemeteries. We are trying to preserve this history in the following ways:

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Gap Theory of Genesis Creation

The gap in Genesis is one of those subjects over which many believers will split. Yet, it is the only explanation for several supposed contradictions.

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How Our Sins Can Be Forgiven

How can you know your sins are forgiven? How can you make perfect peace with God and be assured of a home in heaven? This booklet deals with this important subject. It does so by looking at the Bible doctrine of propitiation. Please do not be put off by this word. If you do not know what propitiation is, you are in the majority. However, by the time you get through with this booklet, it should make perfect sense to you. It is a powerful picture of salvation and a powerful Bible lesson in forgiveness and exactly how we get it. I encourage you to read on.

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What the New Testament Says About the Jew

Bible-believing churches have ignored Jewish evangelism for too long. This booklet acts as a help to believers who are still prejudiced toward reaching the Jew. However, it is also written to be a witnessing tool to lost Jewish people. Make sure your church has something like this on hand.

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Tale of Three Cities

This booklet is written as an introduction to the subject of manuscript evidence and explains how the underlying Greek texts for the New Testament were altered. The three largest cities at the time of Christ—Rome, Alexandria and Antioch—become a visual aid to show how God’s word was changed…and how it was preserved.

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Remembering Christ’s Passion

How should the people of God remember the passion of Christ?

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Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven

Classical dispensational teaching makes a clear distinction between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven as used in the Bible.

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