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"Intelligent Design" Belongs in Church not in Biology Class

A critique of an article by Mort Kondracke. In this article Will Hoit goes point by point answering the accusations made by Mort Kondrake attacking the possibility of a designer in creation.

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Jacques Abbadie - 1654-1727

Jacques Abbadie was born about 1654 at Nay in Bearn (SW France) and studied at Saumur and Sedan. His early proficiency in his studies allowed him when only seventeen to receive his D.D. degree from the academy at Sedan (town in NE France on Belgian border known as a Protestant stronghold in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). In 1676...

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Are Baptists Historically Calvinists

Are Baptists Historically Calvinist? How can we know the answer? We must turn to the most noted Baptist historians for the answer.

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Bible Dictionary Entry. The name Abarim means regions beyond and refers to regions east of the Jordan River.

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Bible Dictionary Entry. The Abana is one of the two rivers of Damascus (the other being the Pharpar) mentioned by the Syrian general Naaman in 864BC [Reese] as being “better than all the waters of Israel” (2Kings 5:12).

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Bible Dictionary Entry. Abagtha is a Persian name having common roots with Bigtha (Esther 1:10), Bigthan (Esther 2:21), and Bigthana (Esther 6:2).

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Bible Dictionary Entry. Abaddon is the anglicized form of the Hebrew word meaning destruction.

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Bible Dictionary Entry. Ab is the Jewish name for the fifth month in the religious calendar and the eleventh month of the civil calendar.

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Aaron's Rod

Bible Dictionary Entry. The rod was probably in the form of a walking-stick, but it could also have been used as a shepherd’s staff or even a weapon.

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Bible Dictionary Entry. Aaronites are the descendants of Aaron and therefore priests.

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