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Only Begotten Son

Jesus has gone from the "only begotten Son" to the "only begotten God" to the "One and Only." How did this happen and what does it mean?

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Inconsistent Translation in the King James Bible

Why did the King James translators use different English words for the same Greek or Hebrew word?

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God's Word as a Tree of Life

Several practical lessons can be learned by comparing the Bible to the tree of life found in Genesis and again in Revelation.

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Final Authority - Chapter 1

The story is told when Sir Walter Scott lay dying, he asked his son-in-law to bring him “The Book.” With astonishment the young man replied, Father, your library contains thousands of volumes, including your own works. To which book are you referring?” The veteran author immediately replied, “There is only one book which we call “The Book.’ Bring me the Bible.”

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Straining at Brass

Bible critics are a desperate group of people who go to great lengths to elevate their learning in an attempt to remove themselves from under the authority of God

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The Disappearing Bible

The new versions have long been accused of removing phrases and verses from the Bible. Is it possible that they are removing concepts as well?

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Missions Giving at Antioch Baptist Church

The Missions Program at Antioch Baptist Church is a worldwide outreach based on faith and prayer.

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