What Does It Mean to Endure?

What Does It Mean to Endure? - Job 8:15


This passage will help as we seek a definition for the word endure. It speaks of the hypocrite, and can be best understood by dividing it into four parts: 1) He shall lean upon his house, 2) but it shall not stand: 3) he shall hold it fast, 4) but it shall not endure. The first and third sections go together, and the second and fourth sections go together. The hypocrite leaning upon his house is the same as him holding it fast, and the fact that it does not stand means it does not endure. The word endure is also used as an antonym (opposite) for the word perish in Psalm 102:26. From these passages and others, we can deduce that the word endure means to remain firmly in the present condition.


  • (For smaller children) A good soldier remains in the battle and does not run. God wants us to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ. That means to stick with what you're supposed to do, even when it seems hard.
  • Can you think of people in your life who have a strength in the area of endurance? How do you feel about those people?
  • Begin thinking about areas of life in which you ought to be able to endure. Do you think that endurance is a strong point in your life? If not, are you willing to allow the Lord to change you?


  • Begin asking God to use this study to build up your endurance.
  • Ask God to show you your heart on the matter of endurance.


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