What Is Meditation? - Mark 13:11

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Ray, Andrew
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Mark 13:11
What Is Meditation? - Mark 13:11 


Sometimes the word meditation is used to describe a pagan practice. However, Bible-believing Christians should not allow this to discourage them from practicing biblical meditation. The Bible, in its built-in dictionary, defines meditation as taking thought. Notice the phrase "take no thought beforehand" followed by the word premeditate . The prefix pre means before-hand, while the word meditate means to take thought. Meditation occurs when an individual takes thought on something, perhaps a Bible verse or some particular truth in a sermon or a hymn of the faith. Our busy lives have choked our the quiet moments of meditating on the things of God.


  • (For smaller children) Read John 1:3a. Think of some things that were made by God. When we take the time not only to read a verse of scripture, but also to stop and think about it, that is called meditation.
  • Upon what do you spend time thinking? Do you find that your thought life draws you closer to the Lord or does it drive you away from Him?
  • What are some things on which believers ought to meditate? How could quality time of meditating on those things help believers to love the Lord more and serve Him better?


  • Ask the Lord to teach you to enjoy biblical meditation.
  • Ask God to give you some good things upon which to meditate.


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