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Results for Israel

God Leaves Witnesses (Daily Portion 10320)

God tells of the future apostasy and rebellion of the children of Israel. Even now, their heart is turning against Him. Yet, the Lord has Moses prepare witnesses of Himself that will remain even in the times of rebellion. He has Moses present the words of the law in a book to be kept in the side of the ark as a witness. He also has Moses write a song that will serve as a witness when they turn from the Lord.

Type: Devotional

Treating God Poorly (Daily Portion 10315)

God continues to reprove Israel because of the ways they have treated Him. Their heart was not right with God. They provoked Him, grieved Him, tempted Him, and limited Him. They did not remember the deliverance of the Lord when He brought them out of Egypt. Yet God remembered that they were but flesh and had compassion on them. We should all glory in such a good and gracious God.

Type: Devotional

David Finishes Well (Daily Portion 10314)

David ended his life well. He set up Solomon to follow him on the throne of Israel. He made provision for the building of the temple. He saw the people submit to Solomon as their next king. This passage reminds us that it is how a person finishes and not how he starts that really counts.

Type: Devotional

Passing the Torch (Daily Portion 10313)

The Lord has told Moses that he will not be able to go into the Promised Land. However, we see Moses preparing the people and preparing Joshua as their leader to enter the land and conquer it. We, too, must learn to think beyond ourselves. We need to leave others with their eyes on the Lord and not afraid to follow Him.

Type: Devotional

Music in the New Testament Church

Are instruments allowed in the worship service? What should be the purpose of the music in a worship service? All of this and more is covered in this article.

Type: Devotional


An article in the September 15, 2006, edition of "Forward" tells of the sweet challah bread that is on every Rosh Hashanah table throughout the Jewish world. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and it is equivalent to the Feast of the Trumpets in the Bible.

Type: Blog Entry


"Kapparot, which is from the same Hebrew root as Yom Kippur and literally means "atonements", is a custom which aims to awaken the drive toward repentance while engaging in charity on the eve of Judaism's central day of prayer.

Type: Blog Entry

God's People will Triumph (Daily Portion 10309)

In this chapter, Isaiah describes difficult times in the history of God

Type: Devotional

Disobedience Angers God (Daily Portion 10308)

The history of Israel demonstrates that they were often a people of doubt and rebellion against God. But that is also the history of all of God

Type: Devotional

A Generous Offering (Daily Portion 10307)

In this passage, David takes up an offering for building of the temple. He uses the youth of Solomon, the greatness of the project, and his own example of giving as incentives for the people to give freely. The people respond and bring a generous offering for which David blesses the Lord before the entire congregation.

Type: Devotional
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Proverbs 19:26

He that wasteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son that causeth shame, and bringeth reproach.