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March Music Versus Dance Music

We are to march in the army of the Lord. But the devil wants us to dance. There is a difference. Alan Ives shows how you can tell the difference.

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The Importance of Good Music

Music is a controversial issue for Christians, but it is also an extremely important issue that must be dealt with.

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Music for Pleasure

I've read some of Alan Ives writings on music. To be blunt - is this something that Baptists are "nit picky" about? What does the Bible actually say about melody, harmony, and rhythm? I've also listened to your sermon on music - does this apply to what we listen to outside of church? I know that CCM is not at all biblical, but what about our musical choices for our own personal listening time outside of the church - there's some great movie scores, orchestral music, and also Broadway tunes - what does the Bible say about such music?

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Music in the New Testament Church

Are instruments allowed in the worship service? What should be the purpose of the music in a worship service? All of this and more is covered in this article.

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Musicians in the Temple (Daily Portion 10131)

David takes the sons of three of his musicians and establishes twenty-four orders of musicians for the service of the temple. They will match the twenty-four courses of priests who do the service of the temple.

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