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Choose Life (Daily Portion 10306)

The Lord promises that He will restore the scattered Israelites to the land of promise when they repent and return to Him. Continued possession of the land is based on obedience to the commandments of God. This day the Israelites have a choice to make between blessing and cursing; between life and death. God pleads with them to choose life.

Type: Devotional

A Fresh Start (Daily Portion 10305)

After the flood, God gave man a fresh start through Noah and his family. Man is to replenish the earth and make another go at it. God gave Noah foundational principles of good government and promised all creation that the earth would never again be destroyed by water. But tragically, by the end of the chapter, sin had already begun to corrupt the new world.

Type: Devotional

The Righteous Judgment of God (Daily Portion 10304)

The passage describes the righteous judgment of God and leaves man no excuse for disobeying His commandments. But even here, God

Type: Devotional

The Four Chariots (Daily Portion 10303)

The vision of the four chariots is the last of eight night visions in the first six chapters of Zechariah (called night visions because Zechariah said,

Type: Devotional

God Gathers the Outcasts (Daily Portion 10302)

In this chapter, God gathers the outcasts of Israel (mentioning the stranger, or foreigner, and the eunuch) and gives them a prominent place in His covenant. They will be blessed as God makes His house a house of prayer for all people. Yet, God continues to be angry with the shepherds who serve themselves alone and live as greedy dogs.

Type: Devotional

Passing on the Truth (Daily Portion 10301)

This passage teaches us the supreme importance of passing the truth of God from one generation to another. It also describes what happens when a generation of God

Type: Devotional

Adaption - Example of Evolution or Not?

Our jaws are getting smaller, more people are having their wisdom teeth removed due to pain and complications, and some people are born without wisdom teeth. Does it say anything in the Bible about de-evolution or adaption?

Type: Question and Answer


Groves are spoken against much in the King James Bible and are spoken of much by the New Age disciples. However, they are often ignored in the newer Bible versions. This article considers why.

Type: Devotional

Final Authority - Chapter 1

An excerpt from the book Final Authority by Dr. William P. Grady. This chapter was written to warn the child of God of the war that has been waged against our Bible.

Type: Devotional

The Disappearing Bible

The new versions have long been accused of removing phrases and verses from the Bible. Is it possible that they are removing concepts as well?

Type: Devotional
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