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Don't Leave the Same Way You Came In

Church services should press us into service for our heavenly sovereign. Are you listening? Do you

Type: Devotional

Damage That Cannot Be Undone

Have you considered that your actions today may brings blemishes to you or your testimony that cannot be undone? A good testimony is one of the most valuable assets you have. Therefore take heed to yourself.

Type: Devotional

Concerning the Dearth

We must all remember that the mercies of the Lord will not continue forever. If we continue to reject Him, there will be a day when He will not hear. Today is the day of salvation. Come to the Lord while there is still time.

Type: Devotional

The Beggar is a Small Man

I met a man during a trip to China. He doesn't know me but he taught me some things. He reminded me of what God expects from me. Allow him to do the same for you.

Type: Devotional

Justification by Faith (Daily Portion 10325)

Justification is the act by which God declares us just on the basis of the shed blood of Christ. We find access into justification by faith, not by the works of the law. In effect, justification imputes to us the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus while it imputes our sin to Christ to be paid for on the cross. This passage deals with these concepts and more concerning justification. Read and study it carefully.

Type: Devotional

Turning a Curse Into a Blessing (Daily Portion 10324)

Earlier in the passage that includes chapters 7 and 8 of Zechariah, the Lord had used a question about continuing one of the fasts as a basis to reprove the Jews for their insincerity. Now, He tells them that He has chosen to bless them. And more, there is coming a time when all the fasts will be turned to cheerful feasts. As Judah and Israel have been a curse among the nations, so they will be a blessing. Once again, God shows His grace and mercy.

Type: Devotional

God Himself Will Defend His People (Daily Portion 10323)

This chapter has three major sections. First (v.1-8), God reproves His people for their sins and proclaims the separation these sins have made between them and their God. Second (v.9-15), the people despair of their condition and repent of their sins. Third (v.16-21), God raises up a Redeemer who delivers Israel from the enemy. God Himself will defend His people.

Type: Devotional

God is Merciful to His People (Daily Portion 10322)

Though God delivered the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land, they continued to rebel against Him. In anger, He forsook the tabernacle of Shiloh and delivered his strength into captivity (referring to the taking of the ark by the Philistines). But God still came back and defeated their enemies. He chose David of the tribe of Judah to lead the people of Israel. God is merciful to His people.

Type: Devotional

Ask God for the Right Thing (Daily Portion 10321)

Solomon began his reign well. He went to Gibeon to the site of the tabernacle of Moses and made a thousand sacrifices. That night, the Lord gave Solomon the chance to wish for anything he desired. As you will read, Solomon made the right choice. Would you?

Type: Devotional

God Leaves Witnesses (Daily Portion 10320)

God tells of the future apostasy and rebellion of the children of Israel. Even now, their heart is turning against Him. Yet, the Lord has Moses prepare witnesses of Himself that will remain even in the times of rebellion. He has Moses present the words of the law in a book to be kept in the side of the ark as a witness. He also has Moses write a song that will serve as a witness when they turn from the Lord.

Type: Devotional
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Proverbs 5:10

Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger;