Does Religion Deny Evolution?

I'm a biology student and I had a question. Does religion deny evolution? If evolution is true why are we the only creatures to have souls?

To answer your first question, not only does religion deny evolution, but so does biology. The Bible states that God created us and all creatures and we continue to propagate from this original form unto this day. This is exactly what the facts in biology teach us.

The theory of evolution is currently being crushed under the weight of the information piling in from many scientific disciplines, including biology. Many, many books have been written on this, but sadly you will not be exposed to this information in most schools. For example, did you know that there are millions of molecular machines in each and every living cell performing thousands of functions every second? Did you know these molecular machine systems are using billions of pieces of information from the most advanced data storage media in the known universe (DNA)? Did you know that 4 billion of these molecular machine system driven; information packed cells will fit in a thimble? Did you know that each one is thousands of times more complex than our most advanced spacecraft? Did you know that science cannot even account for even the rudimentary assemblage of the mere building blocks (proteins) of these systems? The proteins are actually coded for in DNA and constructed by advanced molecular machine factories that translate and transcribe RNA fragments they harvest from DNA. After that they use these fragments to construct and fold proteins into useful molecular components that are then shuttled to the appropriate place in the cell where they are needed at exactly the time they are needed? Whew!!! That is just a sampling of the complexities of life. The bottom line is that it is scientifically impossible for this to just have happened.

To learn more about this your first step would be to order a video called "Unlocking the Mystery of Life." Here is a link you can order it from: Your next question about the soul is answered simply by the scriptures. God breathed a living soul into man. God made us more than just complex living molecular machine based life; he breathed an eternal soul into man. Once you get your head around the complexities of living systems, believing that God gave you an eternal soul is easy. I hope this helps.

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