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What Children Learn From Their Parents

Whether you are aware of it or not your children will learn from you. Is what they are learning going to be good for them or will it lead them into troubles?

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Children Obey Your Parents

Please tell me what the Bible has to say about children obeying their parents.

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Casting The Children's Bread To Dogs

What did Jesus mean when He said that it was not meet to cast the children's bread to dogs?

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Seeing the Nakedness of Family Members

Is it wrong to see family members naked?

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Honouring Parents

The Bible teaches that children are to honour their parents, but what if the father is an alcoholic and he deserts the wife and children? Should they still honour him?

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Children in the Rapture

When the rapture takes place there will be unsaved women who are pregnant. My question is "will these babies in the womb be raptured"?

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Designing Children

An article in the May 12, 2006, edition of the "Wall Street Journal" reviews a couple of television programs dealing with reproductive technology that show how this technology is presently being used. Prospective parents are coming to the United States to choose sperm and eggs according to the donor's appearance, intelligence, ability in sports, music or other areas of interest. Many are coming from nations that do not allow the level of eugenics offered in the "land of the free." Others who cannot travel to America are turning in orders over the internet. The most popular choice is for blond, blue-eyed white children. Surrogates often have the children for them. One surrogate said of the babies she bears for income stated, "It may sound heartless, but I don't get attached." At some point, God will again look upon mankind as He did at the Tower of Babel and say, "and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do" (Genesis 11:6). At the Tower of Babel, He confounded their languages. We may wonder what He will do to end this renewal of a eugenics program that would have been envied by Adolf Hitler and his compatriots.

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Effects of TV on Children

A recent study in Finland determined that cert ain kinds of TV viewing caused sleeping disturbances in children. Although all television viewing had some effect on sleeping, the following kinds of viewing disturbed sleep patterns the most in children: watching adult targeted programs, such as current affairs programs, police series, and movies; watching TV alone; watching TV at bedtime (especially caused sleep-wake transition disorders and daytime somnolence); and high levels of passive TV exposure when adult programs were airing. Children sleep better and are more rested when they view less television. Just another great reason to turn off the tube.

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Homeschool Fever

According to today's Wall Street Journal, the United States had its largest outbreak of measles for nine years in May of 2005. Indiana reported 34 cases in one outbreak (there were only 27 cases among all U.S. residents in 2004). Interestingly, all but one of the patients were out of the same church and 20 of these were home-schooled children. A 17-year-old girl in the church had taken a mission trip to an orphanage in Romania, had contracted the measles there, and had attended a church-wide gathering the day after she returned to the States. Most of the children who caught the measles had not been vaccinated.

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Modest Apparel (1 Timothy 2:9)

The following is an excerpt from Soldiers in Training by Brother Daryl Coats.

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