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How People Receive Information

Published Date: 
January 6, 2007

Anything we do on the web or elsewise in ministry must consider the importance of audio and eventually video presentations. Here are some statistics I just came across. I think they probably speak for themselves. Over 2/3 of the world (over 4 billiion) receive the majority of their information through oral communication (that is, not written). Over 1/2 of the world (over 3 billion) receive ONLY through oral transmission. 75% of the unreached and least-reached people only receive information orally. In the Islamic world, over 95% of the women can only be reached by oral transmission because the women in this culture are not taught to read.

A National Adult Literary Survey found that only 4 to 6% of U.S. adults were totally illiterate. However, 46 to 53% were identified as unable to function adequately in a highly literate society or process lengthy written information adequately. 58% of the U.S. adult population never read another book after high school. 42% of U.S. university graduates never read another book. Adults in the U.S. spend four hours per day watching TV, three hours listening to the radio and 14 minutes reading magazines.

David Reagan

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Proverbs 27:15

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