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Learn the Bible Book Recommendations

This format generally follows that given by Cyril Barber in The Minister’s Library. However, the recommendations and comments are my own and various alterations are made.


  1. General Reference Works
    1. Encyclopedia Britannica – This multi-volume encyclopedia is still the best for serious, in-depth coverage of the wisdom of the world. It can now be subscribed to on-line or purchased in electronic format. However, some of the best articles for the Bible student may be found in the older sets of the encyclopedia. Unless you need up-to-date current events or the latest scientific discoveries, you may want to purchase a used set.
    2. Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature , 12 volumes, edited by John McClintock and James Strong. First published from 1867-1887, it is the largest theological or biblical encyclopedia written and published in America. It has 31,000 articles in over 10,000 pages. It is a massive Bible dictionary, but includes much historical material up to the time it was published. The entry on the “Valley of Baca” takes up 49 lines. Nearby are articles on Azel Backus, Charles Backus, Isaac Backus, and Francis Bacon. This encyclopedia may be difficult to find, but it is a grand reference tool.
    3. New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge , 13 volumes, edited by Samuel Macauley Jackson. First published in 1908. Not as strong on Bible topics as the McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia, but stronger than that reference in Bible and Christian history. This also is a most helpful resource.
  2. English Dictionaries
    1. Webster's New World Dictionary: Because of my emphasis on the English Bible and its language, I lean more on English dictionaries than many students of the Bible. While others are jumping into the Hebrew and Greek lexicons and dictionaries before they really know what the English says, I am carefully examining the English. I have found this to be a practical and reliable approach.
  3. Creation, Science, and the Bible; Note: this area of study will change more quickly that other areas related to Bible knowledge. The books recommended are some that have been especially helpful.
    1. The Bible and Modern Science by Henry M. Morris. This small book is an excellent laymen’s introduction to the scientific accuracy of the Bible. It is now dated, but I still recommend those who are not scientifically minded to get an old copy of this book and begin here in your appreciation of the Bible as a book of science.
  4. Bible Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  5. Bible Concordances
  6. Bible Study
  7. Study Bibles
  8. History of the Bible
  9. Authenticity of the Bible
  10. Interpretation of the Bible
  11. Bible Commentaries
  12. Bible Characters
  13. Special Subjects
  14. Bible Atlases
  15. Bible Geography and Customs
  16. Bible History
  17. General History of Bible Times


  1. Hebrew Reference
  2. Historical Books
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
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