Losing our Teens

Published Date: 
October 12, 2006

Both polls and anecdotal evidence point to the same result: Bible-believing churches are losing their teenagers to the world. Teenagers who grow up in churches are leaving church and going to the world as soon as they get a chance. One statistic states that only 4% of the teens in evangelical churches stay in church. If that is anywhere close, that is an astounding figure. Churches have drawn the teens with entertainment and fun, but this will not keep them. Probably, the greatest contributing factor is the home. If the home is not solidly Christian--to the point of serious separation from the world--then the teens will learn their values from the world. We must work harder to exhort parents to be godly parents and then teach them how to do it.

David Reagan

Re: Losing Our Teens

The article talks about 'Bible-believing churches' losing their teens. The real issue is that the teens are not hearing the Word of God preached from the AV Bible and when these Mega churches preach it's typically a feel good message instead of giving them the gospel according to Paul, the gospel of Christ and the Faith of Christ.These kids have been entertained and lied to from a imitation bible most likely the NIV. The true Word of God is quick and powerful able to save one's soul. I see the contemporary crowd every Saturday night when we go pass out gospel tracts; they ridicule us and tell us we are so mean.

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