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Amos 0001 - Lesson 5

Chapter 1 (Continued)

The Coming Judgment (Continued)

  1. THE JUDGMENT UPON AMMON (Amos 1:13-15)
    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 1:13)
      1. For three transgressions and for four
      2. They ripped up the women with child of Gilead that they might enlarge their border.
        1. A possible unity between Syria and Ammon
          1. Elisha prophesied that Hazael, king of Syria, would do these things to the children of Israel (2 Kings 8:9-13).
          2. It is quite possible that this took place in 2 Kings 10:32-33.
          3. It was not unusual for the Syrians and Ammonites to unite for a common cause against Israel (2 Samuel 10:6).
          4. The events of 2 Kings 10 would have been over 100 years later and it appears that after the events of 2 Samuel 10 the Syrians were afraid to help the Ammonites (2 Samuel 10:19).
        2. Other times of war with Ammon
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 1:14-15)
      1. The Lord will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah and it shall devour the palaces thereof (Amos 1:14).
      2. There will be shouting in the day of battle and a tempest in the day of the whirlwind (Amos 1:14).
      3. The king of Ammon and his princes shall go into captivity (Amos 1:15).

Chapter 2

The Coming Judgment (Continued)

  1. THE JUDGMENT UPON MOAB (Amos 2:1-3)
    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 2:1)
      1. For three transgressions and for four
      2. He burned the bones of the king of Edom into lime.
        1. The king of Moab offered one of his sons as a burnt offering (2 Kings 3:27).
        2. It would be possible that he would also do this to an enemy (2 Kings 3:4-10).
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 2:2-3)
      1. The Lord will send a fire upon Moab (Amos 2:2).
      2. The fire shall devour the palaces of Kerioth (Amos 2:2).
      3. Moab shall die with…(Amos 2:2)
        1. Tumult
        2. Shouting
        3. The sound of the trumpet
      4. The Lord will cut off the judge from Moab (Amos 2:3).
      5. The Lord will slay all the princes of Moab (Amos 2:3).
      6. Judgment is spoken of often concerning Moab.
        1. Isaiah speaks of judgment for Moab (Isaiah 15:1-9; Isaiah 16:1-14; Isaiah 25:6-12).
        2. Jeremiah speaks of judgment for Moab (Jeremiah 48:1-47).
        3. Ezekiel speaks of judgment for Moab (Ezekiel 25:8-11).
        4. Zephaniah speaks of judgment for Moab (Zephaniah 2:8-11).
    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 2:4)
      1. For three transgressions and for four
      2. They have despised the law of the LORD (Isaiah 5:1-25).
      3. They have not kept His commandments.
      4. Their lies caused them to err (Jeremiah 23:14).
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 2:5)
      1. The Lord will send a fire upon Judah (2 Chronicles 36:5-20; Jeremiah 52:12-14; Nehemiah 1:3; Hosea 8:14).
      2. The fire shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem.
    1. The Call for Judgment (Amos 2:6-13)
      1. For three transgressions and for four (Amos 2:6)
      2. The sins of Israel (Amos 2:6-8)
        1. They sold the righteous for silver (Amos 2:6; Deuteronomy 16:18-20).
        2. They sold the poor for a pair of shoes (Amos 2:6).
          1. When a man purchased property he would take off his shoe and give it to his neighbor (Ruth 4:7).
          2. It is quite possible that the poor’s shoe was picked up and they were removed from their property.
        3. They pant after the dust of the earth on the head of the poor (Amos 2:7).
          1. It appears that Amos is using sarcasm in this passage.
          2. The literal thought here is that the people were so greedy that they even longed for the dust off the head of the poor.
        4. They turn aside the way of the meek (Amos 2:7).
        5. A man and his father will go in unto the same maid (Amos 2:7; Leviticus 8:8, 15).
        6. They lay themselves down upon clothes laid to pledge by every altar (Amos 2:8; Deuteronomy 24:12; Exodus 22:25-27).
        7. They drink the wine of the condemned in the house of their god (Amos 2:8).
      3. The blessings of God (Amos 2:9-10)
        1. God destroyed the Amorites before them (Amos 2:9).
          1. The power of the enemy
            1. The height of the Amorites was like the height of the cedars.
              1. Sihon and Og are often called two kings of the Amorites (Deuteronomy 4:46-47; Deuteronomy 31:4).
              2. Og was a giant (Deuteronomy 3:11).
              3. Cedars are connected to the Antichrist (Ezekiel 31:1-18)
            2. The strength of the Amorites was as the oaks.
          2. The fall of the enemy
            1. God destroyed his fruit from above.
            2. God destroyed his roots from beneath.
        2. God brought them up from the land of Egypt to possess the land of the Amorite (Amos 2:10).
      4. The rebellion of Israel (Amos 2:11-13)
        1. God’s will (Amos 2:11)
          1. God raised up prophets.
          2. God raised up Nazarites (Numbers 6:1-8).
        2. Israel’s rebellion (Amos 2:12)
          1. Israel gave the Nazarites wine to drink.
          2. Israel commanded the prophets to prophesy not (Amos 7:12-13).
        3. God’s frustration (Amos 2:13)
          1. God is pressed under them.
          2. As a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves
    2. The Coming Judgment (Amos 2:14-16)
      1. The flight shall perish from the swift (Amos 2:14).
      2. The strong shall not strengthen his force (Amos 2:14).
      3. The mighty shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:14).
      4. He that handleth the bow shall not stand (Amos 2:15).
      5. He that is swift of foot shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:15).
      6. He that rideth the horse shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:15).
      7. He that is courageous among the mighty shall flee away naked (Amos 2:16).
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