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The Gospel of John III - Lesson 3

                    Reaching Souls from Samaria to Cana                                           John 4:1-54                                             (Continued)

  1. CHRIST’S TEACHING OF HIS DISCIPLES (John 4:27-38) (Continued)
    1. The Waiting Harvest (John 4:35-38)
      1. Readiness of the harvest (John 4:35)
        1. The tendency to deny its readiness (Romans 13:11-12)
        2. The time to reap is now.
          1. Causing a need for laborers (Matthew 9:36-38)
          2. Requiring an expectation (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6)
      2. Reward for the harvest (John 4:36a)
        1. Wages to be received (1 Corinthians 3:11-15)
        2. Fruit unto eternal life (Galatians 6:7-9)
      3. Rejoicing over the harvest (John 4:36b)
        1. The joy of the harvest (Psalm 126:5-6)
        2. The joy in heaven (Luke 15:10)
      4. Responsibility for the harvest (John 4:37)
        1. The work of sowing
        2. The work of reaping
        3. Laborers together with God (1 Corinthians 3:5-10)
      5. Recognition for the harvest (John 4:38)
        1. The reapers often bestow less labor.
        2. The reapers enter into the labor of others.
    1. The Testimony of the Woman (John 4:39-40)
      1. The power of her testimony (John 4:39a) – “many…believed on him.”
      2. The plainness of her testimony (John 4:39b) – “all that ever I did”
      3. The plea that He tarry (John 4:40)
    2. The Truth of His Own Words (John 4:41-42)
      1. The faith that comes by hearing (John 4:41; Romans 10:17)
      2. The fullness of His witness (John 4:42)
        1. He is the Christ.
        2. He is the Saviour of the world.
    3. The Trip to Galilee (John 4:43-44)
      1. The leaving of Samaria (John 4:43)
      2. The lesson of His success (John 4:44); so much greater than He had in His own country (Matthew 13:54-58)
    1. The Nobleman’s Request (John 4:45-47)
      1. The popularity of the Saviour (John 4:45)
        1. Received by the Galileans
        2. Remembered for His works
      2. The problem of sickness (John 4:46)
        1. The place of a past miracle
        2. The need for a new miracle
      3. The plea for a son (John 4:47)
        1. He heard that Jesus had come.
        2. He asked the Saviour to come down.
        3. He feared the coming death of his son.
    2. The Saviour’s Reply (John 4:48-50)
      1. Signs and wonders are not the foundation of faith (John 4:48).
      2. The Lord’s physical presence is not the foundation of faith (John 4:49).
      3. The word of the Lord is the foundation of faith (John 4:50; Matthew 4:4; Romans 10:17).
    3. The Nobleman’s Response (John 4:50-54)
      1. The faith of the nobleman (John 4:50)
        1. Jesus gave His word.
        2. The nobleman believed.
        3. The nobleman went his way.
      2. The confirmation of his faith (John 4:51-53a)
        1. The good news from the servant (John 4:51)
        2. The time of the healing (John 4:52-53a)
          1. At the seventh hour of the day before (John 4:52)
          2. At the time Christ spoke the word (John 4:53a)
      3. The salvation brought by faith (John 4:53b)
        1. The faith of the nobleman
        2. The faith of his entire family (Acts 16:14-15, 30-34; Acts 18:8)
    4. Seven Lessons Concerning Faith (John 4:43-54)
      1. Familiarity hinders faith (John 4:44; Malachi 1:13; Isaiah 43:22).
      2. Experience increases faith (John 4:45; Genesis 30:27; Romans 5:3-5).
      3. True faith leads to action (John 4:46-47; James 2:17-26).
      4. Weak faith seeks evidence (John 4:48-49; Judges 6:36-40).
      5. Strong faith accepts God’s word (John 4:50; Romans 4:16-22).
      6. God responds to our faith (John 4:51-53; Matthew 17:14-21).
      7. Faith bears fruit and multiplies (John 4:53; Mark 9:24).
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