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Is the IRS a Terrorist?

Is the real terrorist in America the IRS? Some people think so. How should we respond as Bible-believers?

Type: Devotional

Zeal Without Knowledge

You know how preachers are always telling you to be enthusiastic? Well, it's also important to be heading in the right direction.

Type: Devotional

What Kind of Ground Are You?

Have you allowed the seed to take root in your heart? Have you trusted in Jesus Christ (who died for your sins on the cross and arose from the dead to give you eternal life) as your personal Saviour? If so, are you bearing fruit for Him?

Type: Devotional

What Children Learn From Their Parents

Whether you are aware of it or not your children will learn from you. Is what they are learning going to be good for them or will it lead them into troubles?

Type: Devotional

What Are You Working For?

What kind of meat are you working for? The multitude followed Jesus across the Sea of Galilee when they saw that He could feed them. They wanted to know what they needed to do in order to keep getting bread. What is your bread? Or meat? Is it to know God and to do His will?

Type: Devotional

Vow of the Nazarite

A man or woman who took the vow of the Nazarite, did so of their own free will. It was a person from the depths of their heart wanting to separate from the world and unto God. Do you love God enough to separate yourself unto Him?

Type: Devotional

The Vision of Faith

Faith is that unfaltering confidence in the promises of God that makes a man give more, go further, work harder and hold on longer than he would have for any other reason. What is your faith doing in your own life?

Type: Devotional

The Vanity of Luxury

Solomon had more than we could ever imagine and still did not find peace or joy. Why do possessions not bring happiness? What should our attitude be toward the things of this world?

Type: Devotional

The Vanity of Life

What would our life be like if nothing existed beyond the world we see? What if all we had was under the sun? How would this change our life, our hopes, our dreams?

Type: Devotional

Bitter Herbs

Are your trials like the bitter herbs eaten by the children of Israel? How can scripture help you with these bitter herbs?

Type: Devotional
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