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Like Unto Me: Moses as a Type of Christ

There can be no doubt that Moses is a picture of Jesus Christ. The following is a list of some of the ways in which Moses is a type or picture of Jesus Christ. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it does include 40 different ways in which Moses typifies Christ. This list, then, is designed for the benefit of Bible students to think about the ways in which Moses and Christ are alike.

Type: Article

Jonah Chapter 1

The Book of Jonah is a battle of wills. If there ever was a book of the Bible that dealt with a man matching his will and wits against the Lord, it’s the Book of Jonah. You don’t have to read very far to realize the fruitlessness of that endeavor! Have you ever battled the Lord over anything?

Type: Sunday School Outlines

Remembering Christ’s Passion

How should the people of God remember the passion of Christ?

Type: Article

History of Psalm 91

Please give the biblical history of Psalm 91. Who wrote it and when?

Type: Question and Answer


Like the harlot of Proverbs 7, the promoters of the new bibles prey on “the simple ones” who yield their sword, the old King James Bible, after a “fair speech” has persuaded them. One such “fair speech” is that the King James Bible is not written in modern English. The rallying cry is: “We need a modern version for modern times!” Have you ever heard that one? Although this argument has been proven to be a lie (Jn.8:44) on many occasions, I was reminded recently of how up-to-date my old King James Bible really is.

Type: Article

The Absence of the Tribe of Dan

Why is the tribe of Dan not found in the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation?

Type: Question and Answer

The Unknown Tongue

What is the unknown tongue? Is it the babbling that the Pentecostals are doing today?

Type: Question and Answer

Understanding Paul's Dispensation

Why is the Bible so vague, meaning why can't most Christians or so called Christians understand the dispensation of Paul's message? The difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Grace.

Type: Question and Answer

The Punishment For Sin

God told Adam and Eve they would die because of their sin. HE said nothing about going to a place to burn forever. Could you tell me when the punishment for sin was changed and under what circumstances. Where can I find scripture to show when God changed it.

Type: Question and Answer

The Names of God

What is the name of God? Did God reveal his name to us. He has so many names throughout the bible and I wonder what name are we supposed to call Him and why?

Type: Question and Answer
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Proverbs 9:4

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